Jessa Duggar Gives Birth to Baby #5!


Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, former stars of the reality television show “19 Kids and Counting”, have received an early Christmas present this year. The exciting news was shared by 30-year-old Duggar, who took to her Instagram account on Saturday morning to post a photo and a simple, yet thrilling, caption. The post featured a photo of the newborn baby accompanied by the caption, “Baby is here and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

In the post, Duggar also mentioned that the “full birth story” was made available on YouTube via the link in biography. No details on the baby’s name or measurements have been disclosed at this time.

The arrival of the baby, which took place back on December 19th, was documented in a new YouTube video shared by Duggar shortly after the birth. In the video, Duggar revealed that after going into labor for about 12 hours, she was moved to her hospital room and given an epidural that worked partially. She expressed that the emotional moment following the birth was one of the sweetest moments she has experienced.

Duggar was joined by her husband, Seewald, and her mother, Michelle, during the entire labor and delivery process.

The joy of having a healthy newborn comes after the heartache of a previous miscarriage. Jessa and Ben suffered the loss of their last child just a year ago. Announcing the pregnancy in September, a recurrent theme of joyous surprise surrounded the news, as it was shared not long after the announcement of the tragic loss. This was not Jessa and Ben’s first encounter with a miscarriage; the couple had shared their heart-wrenching experience with the public to raise awareness about these sensitive subjects.

The confirmation of her latest pregnancy had come as a surprise to their fans after sharing the news of a miscarriage. “We were just sitting there holding hands and crying, like, ‘what do we do from here,'” Jessa said in February of her and her husband’s devastated reactions to this immense loss. Even after a long year for the couple, the prospect of a new addition to the family brought immense joy.

Pleasantly shocked, Jessa explained on her Instagram in September that after their loss the previous year, they hadn’t planned on expecting anytime soon, so the discovery of her surprise baby was a delightful turn.

Duggar also shares, during this pregnancy, that after having their loss last year, they had thought they might take a break and not get pregnant for a while. However, to their pleasant surprise and despite a rough year, they were blessed with the arrival of their newest member before the holiday season. Their astonishing news was also greeted with joy by the couple’s four children.

We send our heartfelt congratulations to the ecstatic couple and hope for a joyful and healthy life as they embark on this new phase of their lives.