Jesse Watters Considering Filing Restraining Order Against Joy Behar, According to The Gateway Pundit

Joy Behar Makes Disturbing Threat Against Jesse Watters on ‘The View’

The controversial talk show “The View” on ABC has once again stirred up controversy, this time due to a statement made by co-host Joy Behar. The incident occurred during a discussion about LGBT-themed holiday merchandise sold by Target, which included a “pride” themed nutcracker.

Behar’s comment, which suggested using the nutcracker to commit physical violence against Fox host Jesse Watters, has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism from Watters himself. Watters, who had previously criticized the products and the woke agenda behind them on his show “Jesse Watters Primetime,” responded to Behar’s implied threat with a comment about potentially filing a report or even a restraining order against her.

The segment on “The View” where Behar made the comment also included criticisms of Fox News, Republicans, Christians, and House Speaker Mike Johnson. This type of discourse has become a hallmark of the show, with the co-hosts often using it as an opportunity to vent their frustrations and animosities.

The controversy surrounding the “pride” nutcracker at Target has further fueled the debate. Watters has defended the right of individuals to purchase such products, as well as the right of the store to sell them, while the co-hosts of “The View” have criticized his stance.

In response to Behar’s comment and the ensuing controversy, Watters made a joke suggesting he had requested the police to confiscate all of Joy’s nutcrackers for his safety, and the safety of all men everywhere, under New York’s red flag law. This exchange has highlighted the heated and contentious nature of political discourse in the current cultural climate.

The larger issue at hand is the marketing decision by Target to feature the “pride” nutcracker as part of their holiday product line. This decision has drawn criticism from those who see it as an imposition of LGBT content onto a symbol of a Christian holiday. The fallout from this controversy is expected to impact Target’s holiday season sales, as many individuals are choosing to boycott the company due to its perceived woke inclinations.

The debate over the “pride” nutcracker also raises questions about the commodification of identity and the intersection of commercialism and social issues. Target’s decision to incorporate an LGBT-themed product into its holiday offerings has sparked a wider conversation about the role of corporations in social and political debates.

Ultimately, the incident involving Behar’s comment and the ensuing controversy highlights the deeply polarized nature of contemporary political discourse. The clash between Behar and Watters, as well as the broader debate over the “pride” nutcracker, underscores the divisions within American society and the challenges of navigating complex social and cultural issues. As the holiday season approaches, the controversy serves as a reminder of the need for humility and understanding in the face of contentious debates.