JoJo Siwa Explains Ownership of ‘Karma’ Song and Defends its Creation

JoJo Siwa Addresses Rumors of Song Theft

JoJo Siwa, the popular 20-year-old singer and dancer, has recently addressed rumors circulating online that she stole her new song, “Karma,” from fellow artists Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith. In an exclusive interview with TMZ, JoJo denied these claims, stating that she obtained the song through legitimate means and did not plagiarize the work of others.

The controversy surrounding “Karma” began when Brit Smith’s version of the song started gaining traction on TikTok after JoJo released her music video for the track. Some fans speculated that JoJo had copied the song from Brit and possibly even Miley Cyrus, who was rumored to have recorded a demo of the track in the past.

However, JoJo explained that the song was actually created by the producing team Rock Mafia, known for their work with artists like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. She clarified that she had legally acquired the rights to the song and had not stolen it from anyone.

In her defense, JoJo stated, “What happens is, people write songs and then they just don’t do anything with them. And then, a few years later, it makes more sense for another artist.” She emphasized that this was a common occurrence in the music industry and that she had followed all proper procedures in obtaining the song.

Regarding the criticism surrounding the song, JoJo expressed that “Karma” had achieved its purpose of garnering public attention. She acknowledged that the controversy had brought additional visibility to the track, ultimately benefiting her as an artist.

JoJo is scheduled to perform “Karma” for the first time at Miami Beach Pride on Sunday, where she will also showcase some of her other new songs. Fans can look forward to seeing JoJo’s energetic performance and experiencing her latest musical creations firsthand.

As the situation unfolds, JoJo Siwa remains steadfast in her defense against accusations of song theft, maintaining her integrity as a respected artist in the music industry. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.