Juan Depaz Jr Causes Fatal Accident Leaving Three Dead

Juan Depaz Jr., a 32-year-old Hispanic man, was arrested in Houston, Texas for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident after crashing his Jeep into a Maserati, resulting in the deaths of three individuals. He is currently in custody at the Harris County jail awaiting trial for his crime.

The incident, which occurred in the early hours of the morning, took the lives of Luis Ramírez Torres, Jacob Rodríguez, and Johnny Aguilar. Juan Depaz Jr. was identified as the driver responsible for the collision after a thorough investigation by the Homicide Division that spanned over a year.

The crash, which took place on West Dallas Street in downtown Houston, left the Maserati severely damaged and its occupants fatally injured. Despite efforts by paramedics to save the driver of the Maserati, the three passengers did not survive the impact.

Investigators from the HPD’s Vehicular Crimes Division gathered evidence from witnesses, traffic cameras, and forensic analysis to piece together the events leading up to the accident. Juan Depaz Jr. was driving at high speed in his Jeep Grand Cherokee when he lost control and collided with the Maserati.

Following the collision, Juan Depaz Jr. and his passengers fled the scene on foot, leaving the Jeep behind. After months of investigation, undercover detectives located and apprehended Juan Depaz Jr., holding him accountable for causing the fatal accident and failing to render aid to the victims.

Juan Depaz Jr. now faces charges for his actions that could result in a lengthy prison sentence. The investigation is ongoing, and the judge has yet to determine the extent of his liability for the damages caused to the Maserati.