Judge Mathis Praises Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Introduction of Ebony Alert in California

Judge Mathis Supports California’s New Ebony Alert

Judge Greg Mathis, known for his television courtroom show, is praising California’s new Ebony Alert system for missing Black children and women. He believes it is long overdue and commends Governor Gavin Newsom for implementing it.

In an interview with TMZ, Judge Mathis expressed his support for the system while dining at Via Alloro in Beverly Hills. He stated that missing Black girls are the most underserved group of people and believes the Ebony Alert will help address this issue.

The Ebony Alert was recently signed into law by Governor Newsom. It is a separate system from the existing Amber Alert and is specifically designed to report and locate missing Black children and women. The announcement of the Ebony Alert sparked controversy, with some critics arguing that it perpetuated segregation. However, Judge Mathis dismissed this criticism, stating that marginalized groups like Black children and women need special programs until there is a true level playing field for all.

The author of the bill, California State Senator Steven Bradford, voiced the need for the Ebony Alert system due to law enforcement’s insufficient resources and efforts in finding missing Black individuals. Senator Bradford emphasized that the existing system was failing to adequately address the issue, hence the necessity for a separate alert system.

Judge Mathis supports this argument and believes that the Ebony Alert system will be instrumental in righting this wrong and ensuring the safety and well-being of missing Black children and women. He commended Governor Newsom for taking action and implementing the system.

The Ebony Alert system aims to provide targeted assistance and resources to help locate missing Black individuals promptly. By focusing on a specific demographic, it addresses the unique challenges and biases faced by Black children and women when they go missing. The hope is that this dedicated alert system will help bridge the gaps in current missing person protocols and increase the chances of finding and bringing home missing Black children and women.

To further illustrate the relevance of the Ebony Alert system, Judge Mathis mentioned the significant disparities that exist in society. He emphasized the importance of recognizing these disparities and implementing measures to address them. Until there is true equality and a level playing field for all, special programs like the Ebony Alert are necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of marginalized groups.

The implementation of the Ebony Alert system demonstrates California’s commitment to addressing these disparities and taking proactive steps to protect its most vulnerable populations. By acknowledging that traditional missing person protocols have not adequately served Black communities, the state is actively working to rectify this issue.

Overall, Judge Mathis’s support for California’s new Ebony Alert system is a testament to the importance of targeted programs to address the specific needs of marginalized communities. The implementation of the Ebony Alert is a significant step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of missing Black children and women in California, and it will hopefully serve as a model for other states to follow.