Julio Velázquez Threatens Agents in His Home

Facing the Threat of Julio Velázquez: A Tale of Suicide, Scandal, and Threats

A distress call led twenty uniformed officers to the residence of a Hispanic family in the agricultural area of Rendlan, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Within minutes, the situation escalated as the alleged victim, Julio Velázquez, threatened to set fire and burn alive the officers who came to his aid.

Velázquez’s ex-wife, in a desperate plea for help, had called the security and rescue services through the 9-1-1 emergency number. She had discovered Velázquez inside his BMW, attempting to asphyxiate himself with the exhaust fumes. When she found him unconscious, she managed to move the car, the official report detailed.

Despite her intervention, Velázquez did not give up on his attempts to take his own life.

25 Officers in Peril

Entering the house, Velázquez doused himself in fuel, threatening to set himself and everyone present, including the officers, on fire.

Florida Power & Light workers cut off the electricity to the house to prevent further risks, as the situation continued to unfold.

A Man Unhinged

After being left alone in complete darkness, Velázquez sought refuge in the residence, resisting authorities’ efforts to get him to surrender.

He remained hidden for nine days before attempting to flee the house on December 6, 2023, when officers surprised and arrested him.

Facing Serious Consequences

Upon his arrest, Velázquez faced charges for threatening a law enforcement officer, attempted arson, and 25 other offenses, leading to his incarceration at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He was later released on bail, although the amount paid was not disclosed.


An active investigation by the prosecution aims to gather evidence against Velázquez, with a court date scheduled for January 5, 2024, for the formal reading of the charges. Despite the disruption caused by Velázquez’s actions in the community, authorities did not disclose his motivations for two suicide attempts.

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