Kanye West Skips Diddy Meetup at Rolling Loud Performance

Diddy wanted to talk to Kanye West at an L.A. concert earlier this month, but it didn’t happen. Sources close to the situation revealed that Diddy was backstage at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago with his entourage to watch Kanye’s performance. Diddy expressed his desire to have a face-to-face conversation with Kanye, but when the idea was presented to Kanye, he showed little interest in meeting up.

The proposed meeting between Diddy and Kanye did not materialize, according to the sources. Despite Diddy’s apparent support for Kanye at the festival, including bringing his kids to watch the performance, Kanye was not eager to engage in a meeting with Diddy.

The history between the two hip-hop icons dates back to 2022 when Kanye publicly accused Diddy of threatening him on behalf of unnamed Jewish people. This accusation came after Diddy had criticized Kanye for selling “White Lives Matter” shirts. Despite Diddy’s apparent support for Kanye at the Rolling Loud event, Kanye’s lack of interest in a face-to-face meeting suggests that their past differences may still be unresolved.

In a further twist, Kanye had previously posted text exchanges between himself and Diddy during their feud, where Kanye had accused Diddy of being a “fed.” Now, 18 months later, Diddy is facing legal troubles of his own. The Department of Homeland Security recently raided Diddy’s homes in L.A. and Miami as part of an investigation into allegations of sex trafficking.

Diddy was seen speaking with federal agents on a Miami airport tarmac, while a member of his entourage was arrested on drug charges. The raids on Diddy’s homes have been criticized as excessive by his attorney, who called them a “witch hunt.”

Footage obtained after the raids showed the interior of Diddy’s L.A. home in disarray, indicating that the search had been thorough and disruptive. Amidst these legal troubles, it remains unclear how Kanye feels about Diddy, but the lack of interest in a meeting seems to suggest a frosty relationship between the two.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is clear that the relationship between Diddy and Kanye West is complex and fraught with tension. The outcome of their interactions, or lack thereof, remains to be seen.