Kate Middleton Reportedly Anxious Ahead of Prince Harry’s Visit, Maintains Unforgiving Stance After Memoir Controversy

Title: Prince Harry’s Return to London Sparks Tensions with Kate Middleton


Next week, Prince Harry is scheduled to attend the annual event for the WellChild charitable foundation in London. However, his return has caused tensions within the royal family, particularly between Harry and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Rumors of a feud have circulated, fueled by harsh remarks made by Harry in his memoir. This article will delve into the strained relationship between Kate and Harry, their conflicting views on the royal family’s reputation, and the potential implications for the upcoming event.

The Rift and Unresolved Conflict

Kate Middleton, who was once close to Harry, is reportedly dreading his return to London. According to insiders, she feels hurt by the remarks made by Harry in his memoir and has resolved never to forgive him. The source labels the situation as “a horrible situation all around” and states that Prince William may have already reconciled with Harry if not for Kate’s continued resentment.

Kate’s Stubbornness and Concern for the Royal Family

Kate’s resistance seems to be driven not only by wounded pride but also by her belief that Harry and Meghan have irreparably damaged the reputation of the royal family. She fears that readmitting them into the inner circle will only lead to more trouble. The insider claims that Kate views Harry and Meghan as having done enough harm and believes that they will only cause more damage if allowed back in. This difference in opinion has caused tension between Kate and William, with their disagreement leading to a significant argument.

Motives and Suspicions

William and Kate are reportedly “irritated” by Harry’s decision to speak at the WellChild Awards. They suspect that he is primarily motivated by his desire to promote his new Netflix documentary about the Invictus Games. Given Harry’s previous actions, William is apprehensive that another outburst may overshadow the significance of the event. He and Kate worry that Harry may use the platform to further criticize his family, which Charles views as divisive and against efforts for unity.

Harry’s Intentions and Timing

Insiders close to Harry suggest that his primary goal is to honor an organization that holds great meaning to him. The event falls on the eve of the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, and it is almost certain that Harry will be respectful in his remarks. A former palace staffer explains that Harry has always been involved with WellChild, with the exception of missing the event last year due to the queen’s death. Although the timing conveniently aligns with his new show promotion, it is unlikely that Harry would take advantage of a charity event to bash his family.


Prince Harry’s upcoming visit to London has stirred tensions within the royal family, particularly between him and Kate Middleton. Their strained relationship, fueled by Harry’s remarks in his memoir, has created a divide. While Harry intends to honor an organization close to his heart, William and Kate remain suspicious of his motives. Despite the potential for conflict, it is essential to remember the significance of the event and the need for unity within the royal family. As the day approaches, all eyes will be on Prince Harry’s speech, hoping for a message that brings the family closer together rather than driving them further apart.