Kathy Griffin’s NY comedy show was hit with a crushing blow as a Trump caravan descended on her.

**Trump Caravan Disrupts Kathy Griffin Show in Huntington, New York**

Kathy Griffin, the controversial comedian, was faced with humiliation on Sunday night as a Trump caravan descended on her comedy show in Huntington, New York as part of her “My Life on the PTSD List” tour. The caravan consisted of 17 vehicles decked out with Trump or American flags, with many participants holding signs denouncing Griffin and President Joe Biden, according to a report by Huntington Now.

The caravan drove up and down in front of the Paramount theater, where Griffin was performing, blasting horns, playing loud music, and shouting to disrupt her stand-up routine. Some participants even used cowbells and locomotive horns to make as much noise as possible to ruin Griffin’s show.

The protesters targeted Griffin for a controversial 2017 photo shoot in which she held up a simulated severed and bloodied head of then-President Donald Trump. One sign at the protest read “Kathy Griffin, PTSD is not comical” in reference to Griffin’s claim that she suffers from PTSD due to the fallout from the Trump photo incident.

Despite Griffin’s displeasure with the protest, it garnered support from onlookers gathered on the sidewalks who cheered on the Trump caravan. Griffin’s reaction seemed to only fuel the fire as she took to social media to both promote and criticize the protest.

Griffin had posted a sign promoting the protest on her Instagram page earlier in the day, expressing excitement to see what the protesters had in store for her show. However, after seeing the size and intensity of the protest, she likely regretted her earlier encouragement.

In another post on Instagram, Griffin shared a video promoting the protest led by a man referring to himself as Jonah Box. In the video, Box stood in front of a patriotic painting of Trump at the “America First Warehouse” and called on supporters to join the protest outside Griffin’s show.

Griffin also warned of potential Nazi presence at the protest, though offering no evidence to support her claim. In a video response, she referred to the protestors as potential Nazis, suggesting that they would likely only pose for photos with her audience members. This unfounded accusation only added fuel to the fire and further incited tensions between Griffin’s supporters and protesters.

Despite the controversy surrounding Griffin and the protest, the Trump caravan succeeded in disrupting the comedian’s show and sending a clear message of dissent. The incident serves as a reminder of the polarized political climate in the United States and the growing divide between supporters of different ideologies.

As tensions continue to rise, incidents like these highlight the need for open dialogue and understanding between individuals with differing political views. While protests and demonstrations are a fundamental part of American democracy, it is essential to promote constructive discourse and respect for differing opinions.

In conclusion, the Trump caravan’s disruption of Kathy Griffin’s show in Huntington, New York underscores the deep divides in American society and the need for respectful engagement and dialogue, even in the face of strong disagreement.