Ken Block performs breathtaking stunts in Mexico City in the ultimate video for ‘Gymkhana’, leaving a trail of smoke behind him.

Tragic death of Ken Block not the end of Gymkhana series

The legendary rally driver, Ken Block, may have tragically passed away less than a year ago, but his legacy continues to live on through his iconic Gymkhana series. The latest installment, titled ‘Electrikhana Two: another playground,’ has just been released on Youtube, showing Block’s breathtaking drift skills in the all-new Hoonitron electric Audi S1. Filmed in Mexico City in November 2022, the video captures the essence of Block’s unparalleled talent and serves as a fitting tribute to the late rally ace.

‘Electrikhana Two’ carries a profound emotional weight, as it marks Block’s final contribution to the Gymkhana series before his untimely death. The video showcases the remarkable evolution of his career, from his early days as a clothing company founder and amateur rally driver to becoming a household name in the world of motorsport. As the credits roll, viewers are taken on a journey through Block’s most iconic Gymkhana moments, serving as a poignant reminder of his enduring impact on the sport.

In a poignant gesture, the closing credits feature a card bearing the inscription ‘KB43VER,’ representing Block’s initials and long-standing career number. Additionally, the video directs viewers to the Ken Block Foundation/43 Institute’s website,, inviting them to learn more about Block’s philanthropic efforts and the causes he supported.

Following Block’s tragic passing, his wife, Lucy, and teenage daughter, Lia, have continued to honor his legacy by remaining active in the racing community. Lucy Block has teamed up with Block’s former co-driver, Alex Gelsomino, to participate in rally events, while Lia Block has recently joined the prestigious Williams Racing F1 Academy program. Lia’s entry into the program represents a significant milestone for the Block family, as she follows in her late father’s footsteps and makes her mark in the world of motorsport.

The release of ‘Electrikhana Two’ not only serves as a tribute to Ken Block’s remarkable career but also sheds light on the impact he had as a pioneer in the world of stunt driving and rally racing. His unparalleled skill and infectious passion for motorsport have left an indelible mark on fans and enthusiasts worldwide, and his contributions to the genre will continue to inspire future generations of drivers.

As fans and the motoring world at large mourn the loss of Ken Block, his enduring legacy shines through in the electrifying spectacle that is ‘Electrikhana Two.’ The video stands as a testament to Block’s unrivaled talent and unwavering dedication to his craft, ensuring that his impact on the world of motorsport will be celebrated for years to come. While the world may have bid farewell to a legend, his spirit lives on through his timeless Gymkhana series, which continues to captivate audiences and fuel their passion for adrenaline-fueled driving.