Kevin Costner alleges that his ex-partner subjected him to a constant and relentless campaign, comparing it to a metaphorical “jihad.” This revelation causes his ex-partner to emotionally break down during their court proceedings.

Title: Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner Engage in Heated Divorce Battle

Subtitle: The Yellowstone star and his ex-wife clash over child support and accusations


The divorce battle between Hollywood actor Kevin Costner and his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner has intensified, with both parties locked in a bitter dispute over child support and allegations. Baumgartner, who filed for divorce in May, has requested a new monthly child custody order, demanding an increase in child support payments. Costner, on the other hand, denies the allegations and accuses Baumgartner of launching a relentless attack against him. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the heated divorce proceedings.

Divorce War Escalates: Accusations and Demands

In recent court proceedings, Baumgartner requested a judge to set a new monthly child support order for their three teenage children. In response, Costner’s legal team accused Baumgartner of creating animosity and unnecessary court proceedings. They described her actions as a “relentless jihad” against Kevin’s character, aimed at distracting from the real issues at hand.

Baumgartner, represented by her lawyer John Rydell, argued that Costner, being a major movie star, can easily afford the requested $161,592 in monthly child support. She claimed that even if Costner pays this amount, he will still have a monthly income of approximately $731,000 after taxes. Baumgartner broke down in tears during her testimony when her lawyer claimed that she would struggle to find a rental home equivalent to their vacation homes, including their sentimental home in Aspen.

Accusations of Financial Support

Costner’s attorneys responded by alleging that Baumgartner received $20,000 from a “boyfriend.” However, Baumgartner clarified that the money came from Joshua Connor, whom she described as a longtime friend. When asked if Connor was her boyfriend, Baumgartner denied it. She admitted to traveling with Connor and his daughter to Hawaii but added that Costner did not join them because he had a speech engagement. Baumgartner received $20,000 from Connor, part of which she gave to her mother for house expenses.

Child Support Demands and Financial Statements

In July, Baumgartner was awarded $129,755 per month for child support, after initially requesting $248,000. Costner had offered $51,000 per month, so the judge reached a compromise. Baumgartner claimed that the awarded amount was insufficient for the children to maintain a lifestyle comparable to when they were with Costner. She argued that the child support payments should also cover vacations with her.

Costner’s lawyers countered, stating that he can easily pay guideline child support and support Baumgartner’s legal fees without any significant impact on his life. They described Baumgartner’s accusations as mere “gameplaying” and requested that she be ordered to pay Costner’s $14,237.50 in attorneys’ fees. Costner’s lawyers further argued that such an order would deter Baumgartner from future abuse regarding discovery issues.

The End of “Yellowstone”

It is important to note that the divorce battle occurs amid the announcement of the end of the hit television series “Yellowstone.” Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, revealed that a sequel series starring Matthew McConaughey will replace it. McCarthy expressed confidence in the success of the sequel and praised the creative mind of Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator.


The divorce battle between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner has become increasingly contentious, with accusations and demands flying from both sides. The dispute centers around child support payments and allegations of financial improprieties. As the proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how the court will rule on the child custody order and whether a compromise can be reached that satisfies both parties and ensures the well-being of their children.