Kim Hieora Sparks Controversy: Unveiling the Debate

South Korean actress Kim Hieora is accused of school bullying. She played a “bully” in a popular Netflix series, which has surprised fans. Kim Hieora is now facing allegations of school bullying, which has sparked a heated debate about bullying in the country’s entertainment industry. Similar to her character in the successful Netflix series, the actress has been accused by one of her former schoolmates of being the victim of her bullying. Furthermore, an audio recording has surfaced that has caused shock throughout Korea. It appears that the actress will be part of a police investigation. From fiction to reality, “The Glory” tells the story of Moon Doung-eun, a teenager who is accused by a group of young people in high school. Yeon-jin, Jae-joon, Hye-jeong, Myeong-oh, and Sa-ra, the latter played by Kim Hieora, were the aggressors. The Netflix production gained popularity at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 when its two seasons were released. However, no one expected that the actress who portrayed Sa-ra would be accused of being a bully during her school years. An article from the South Korean magazine Dispatch was published, detailing how Hieora was part of a bullying group. Victims of this group claimed that she used to hit them, extort them, and forced them to buy cigarettes. In the initial report, Dispatch mentioned that the group Hieora was a part of was called Big Sangji, which was known for extortion, physical assault, verbal abuse, and more. Additionally, it was reported that Kim Hieora met with most of her victims to apologize for her actions during their school years. However, one victim refused to meet with the actress and instead released an audio recording of their conversation. Dispatch also transcribed a portion of a phone call between Kim Hieora and one of her victims, in which she repeatedly apologized and expressed her remorse. Hieora’s agency released a statement regarding the scandal and denied the claims made by Dispatch. They stated that the incident between the actress and the alleged victim is an extremely personal matter and that they do not admit or agree with the woman’s allegations. The agency also clarified that Kim Hieora and the alleged victim used to be friends, but due to the latter’s actions, they had a falling out. They emphasized that it was not a case of repeated bullying or assault, as claimed by the alleged victim. The agency also stated that Kim Hieora has suffered damage as a result of the girl’s behavior. Dispatch further reported that three additional informants, referred to as “I,” “J,” and “K,” have come forward to share their own experiences. One of them expressed that they couldn’t forget Kim Hieora’s offensive words and even heard similar insults in the series. Despite the controversy, Kim Hieora took to Instagram to sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt by her, even at this moment. The situation continues to unfold as more information arises.

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