Kimora Lee Simmons ‘Embarrassed’ by Daughter Aoki’s Relationship with Older Man

Kimora Lee Simmons opens up about her daughter’s controversial relationship with a much older man in a recent interview with TMZ. The fashion mogul expressed feeling “a little embarrassed” when she first saw the pictures of her 21-year-old daughter, Aoki Lee Simmons, kissing a 65-year-old man, Vittorio Assaf. Kimora went on to reveal that she believes her daughter was set up and that the vast age difference had a negative impact on Aoki.

During the interview, Kimora disclosed that she does not consider Aoki’s involvement with Vittorio to have been a real relationship. Instead, she referred to him as a “toad Aoki kissed.” Despite her initial embarrassment, Kimora showed immense support and love for her daughter after the images of the couple surfaced. She mentioned that she felt the need to discipline Aoki, although she did not elaborate on the specific punishment.

The paparazzi captured Aoki and Vittorio’s intimate moment on a Caribbean beach, sparking public outrage and leading to a swift end to their budding relationship. The photos caused a wave of backlash against the couple, prompting Aoki and Vittorio to part ways shortly after.

Russell Simmons, Aoki’s father and a hip-hop icon, also weighed in on the drama surrounding his daughter’s relationship. While the public heard his thoughts, Kimora chose to keep her opinions mostly to herself. The focus, instead, shifted to Diddy, another prominent figure in the hip-hop industry whom Kimora mentioned in the interview.

Kimora revealed that her children, who share a close bond with Diddy’s twins, recently attended her 49th birthday dinner. When asked about the allegations against Diddy, Kimora remained reserved, indicating that she did not want to get involved in that particular controversy.

The interview with Kimora also touched on past incidents involving Diddy and Kimora herself. A resurfaced 2004 interview revealed Kimora’s claim that Diddy had threatened to hit her while she was pregnant. However, she clarified that Diddy ultimately did not hit her and issued an apology for the misunderstanding.

In other news, Kimora’s kids were recently seen attending her birthday dinner, emphasizing the close relationship they share with Diddy’s twins. Kimora avoided delving too deep into the drama surrounding Diddy, choosing to focus on her daughter’s experience instead.

Overall, Kimora Lee Simmons’ interview shed light on the complexities of parenting in the public eye and the challenges that come with it. Despite the controversies surrounding her family, Kimora remains a supportive and loving mother who prioritizes her children’s well-being above all else.