Kyle Richards reveals that Mauricio moved out while she was away

Kyle Richards has finally confirmed the rumors swirling around her split from Mauricio Umansky in an emotional interview on the “Bitch Bible” podcast. The “RHOBH” star revealed that Mauricio left their home of 28 years while she was away for a weekend, leaving her to face the sudden emptiness of their once lively household.

As a mother to four daughters and several dogs, Kyle admitted that she was used to a bustling and chaotic household. Mauricio’s sudden departure made the situation even more eerie for her, as she navigated the silence of their home without him.

Reflecting on the experience, Kyle became emotional as she acknowledged the reality of the situation. She revealed that Mauricio had moved into a new bachelor pad in West Hollywood, coinciding with their daughter Alexia’s decision to move out on her own.

Despite the emotional turmoil, Kyle expressed understanding of Mauricio’s decision to move out while she was away. She admitted that witnessing the move in person would have been too difficult for her.

Turning her focus to the positive aspects of their situation, Kyle emphasized that she sees their marriage breakdown as a chapter of accomplishment rather than failure, particularly due to the amazing family they have raised together.

In July 2023, Kyle and Mauricio confirmed their separation and have since kept their dating lives private. However, Kyle’s close relationship with country singer Morgan Wade has garnered attention from fans and media alike.

Throughout the interview, Kyle remained candid and vulnerable about her experience, offering insight into the complexities of navigating a split after nearly three decades of marriage. As she adjusts to her new reality, Kyle continues to prioritize her family and focus on the growth and strength that can arise from difficult situations.