LA Dad who fired at masked intruders has concealed carry permit revoked

Vince Ricci, a Los Angeles father, has had his firearm permit revoked after he stopped two masked intruders from breaking into his home. The incident, which was captured on video, occurred earlier this month and has garnered national attention. Ricci, who is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, has spoken out against the decision to revoke his permit, accusing the state of California of violating his constitutional rights.

The incident unfolded on a quiet evening as Ricci returned to his home and was confronted by two robbers who had jumped the wall and pointed guns at him. In a swift and decisive action, Ricci pulled out his own gun and successfully stopped the intruders from entering his $2 million home, where his wife and baby were inside. The entire incident was captured on surveillance footage and quickly went viral on social media.

Following the incident, Ricci was informed by the sheriff’s office that his concealed carry permit had been suspended. He stated that he was told this was due to him yelling at officers, and he publicly accused the Los Angeles Police Department of sloppy police work, alleging that they had been negligent in collecting casings found near his home as evidence.

Ricci expressed his frustration with the situation, noting that it had taken him months to obtain his concealed carry permit in the first place, due to the stringent requirements in California. He emphasized that his case is not unique and that similar situations happen across the country, but they are often overlooked or downplayed by those with a political agenda.

On the heels of this controversy, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has come to Ricci’s defense, releasing a statement in which they express their support for him as a fellow NRA member. The NRA labeled California’s decision to revoke Ricci’s firearm permit as “reprehensible” and accused state officials of undermining his Second Amendment rights.

The NRA also pointed out that Ricci’s actions to protect his family embody the fundamental principles that NRA members fight for and accused Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon of creating a “war zone” with their pro-criminal policies.

Notably, Los Angeles has seen a rise in criminal activity, particularly robberies, with over 7,000 reported robberies in 2023 alone. This surge in crime has raised concerns among residents, with many feeling the need to protect themselves and their families.

Ricci has been vocal about his willingness to protect his family at all costs, expressing that he was prepared to fight off the intruders in order to ensure the safety of his wife and child. His bravery and quick thinking in the face of danger have been widely praised, with many pointing out the extent to which he was willing to risk his own life to protect his family.

Unfortunately, the fallout from the incident has led to the revocation of Ricci’s concealed carry permit, a move that has been widely criticized as a violation of his constitutional rights. Many have called for California to rectify the situation and reinstate Ricci’s permit, citing the need for individuals to be able to protect themselves in the face of rising crime rates.

The debate over gun rights and self-defense has intensified in the wake of this incident, prompting a nationwide discussion on the importance of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how California will respond and whether Ricci’s firearm permit will be reinstated. For now, the case serves as a stark reminder of the complex and contentious issues surrounding gun ownership and self-defense in the United States.