Lefty SM’s Latest Publication: A Must-Read in English

Lefty SM’s Last Publication Revealed: Murdered in His Home, His Wife Speaks the Truth

Lefty SM, who sang “Soy mexicano, esa es mi bandera” alongside Santa Fe Klan, was murdered on September 3rd. This Sunday morning, the rapper’s death was confirmed. Lefty SM, whose real name was Juan Carlos Sauceda, was shot until he lost his life when an armed group forcibly entered his home. The last publication made by Lefty SM on his social media has been revealed.

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Lefty SM’s wife revealed how the rapper’s last moments of life were. María Isabel also confessed that the rapper never opened the door, but rather the men forced their way into their bedroom on the second floor. Through two Facebook posts, the widow confessed that it was not a robbery as initially believed. The revelation surprised everyone who read it, as they did not believe he had problems with other people.

They Went Straight to Kill Him

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“Don’t send me messages, I don’t want to hear from anyone. I’m just having a bad dream,” she wrote devastated. “I don’t know why they say it was a robbery when, in reality, they went to kill you, my love,” she said in another post. “They went straight to our room on the second floor and pushed us out. You weren’t involved in anything, let alone looking for trouble,” she added. In the post that quickly accumulated thousands of likes, the woman’s anger is evident.

His Last Concert

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He last performed on September 1st at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City. Lefty had performed in one of the most important cultural venues in the Mexican capital, making it a significant event. Videos that have been released show the rapper alongside his colleague MC Davo giving their all on stage. Davo was celebrating the sold-out show and invited his friend to be a part of it.

Saying Goodbye to Lefty SM

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Internet users began leaving comments on the video of his last performance in Mexico City. “I had the pleasure of hearing him live, even if it was at MC Davo’s concert, an honor,” wrote a TikTok user. “We lost a great one,” “I’m still waiting for someone to tell me it’s not true,” are some of the comments. “God will bring JUSTICE for his death, surely the culprits will not appear,” they commented.

Lefty SM’s Last Publication

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Lefty SM’s last publication was made on September 1st, through his Instagram account. In a video, the singer celebrated one million views of his song “Mostaza.” “A million thanks, plebes. I love you guys. Now, turn up the ‘mostaza’,” the rapper wrote. “Mostaza” was released over a month ago and is available on all streaming platforms.

Sending Condolences

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Users of the social network where he made his last post left heartfelt comments. “Rest in peace, carnalon. The rolona was pending, my condolences to the family,” they wrote. One internet user commented, “Rest in peace, carnalito Lefty. You will be remembered for your simplicity and your music. God bless you.” “Rest in peace, brother! A hug to wherever you are, and my deepest condolences to the family,” another commented.

Indignation Over His Death

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“One of the purest people I met in the music world, and you always helped me without expecting anything in return,” another internet user commented. One questioned, “What the hell is happening here??? It’s not possible that this happened to him.” “He was such a good person, he didn’t deserve this,” another said.

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