Legendary comedian James Gregory, known as ‘The Funniest Man in America,’ passes away at age 78

**James Gregory, ‘The Funniest Man in America’, Dies at 78**

Comedian James Gregory, known for his title “The Funniest Man in America”, has passed away at the age of 78. The news was confirmed by his family through a post on his official Facebook page, citing cardiac complications as the cause of his death.

Gregory’s comedy career began in the early ’80s when he was 36 years old, after working as a salesman for several years. He made a name for himself as a Southern comedian and became the first comedian to perform at the renowned Punchline club in Atlanta. Over the next four decades, he traveled across the country entertaining audiences with his unique brand of humor.

One of Gregory’s career highlights came in the ’80s when he declared himself as “The Funniest Man in America”. He further solidified this title by acquiring the domain “funniestman.com”, endearing himself to fans as the epitome of comedy.

Despite his passing, Gregory had maintained a busy schedule with two upcoming shows in Hoover, Alabama scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Fans can also look forward to his autobiography, “A Bushel of Beans and a Peck of Tomatoes: The Life and Times of ‘The Funniest Man in America'”, set to be released in November.

Gregory is survived by his three nieces and other extended family members. His legacy as a beloved comedian will live on in the hearts of his fans. Rest in peace, James Gregory.