Levenson’s Awards for OT7 in Dallas Week 1

The first OT7 (Overtime 7v7) event of the spring took place over the weekend in Dallas, Texas, with a strong showing of nationally ranked prospects on 12 different teams. Among the talented players in attendance, a few individuals stood out and are deserving of recognition for their outstanding performance at the event.


One standout player from the event was 2025 quarterback Ty Hawkins, who has been on fire this spring on both the 7v7 and camp circuit. Playing with Raw Miami, Hawkins showcased exceptional processing ability and ball location, solidifying his status as the top quarterback at the event. The TCU commit has been making significant strides in his game and has undoubtedly bolstered his stock moving forward.

STRONG ARM: Kamario Taylor

Making his presence felt at the event was Kamario Taylor, whose arm strength caught the attention of many. Although he occasionally struggled with placement, his ability to sling the ball downfield made him a formidable force on the field. Committed to Mississippi State, Taylor’s arm talent has the potential to rank among the best in the conference.

MR. RELIABLE: Brock Boyd

Brock Boyd, a top prospect in the country, showcased his versatility and reliability on the field. While he may not possess elite speed or athleticism, Boyd’s ability to consistently win matchups and make plays was evident throughout the event. His skillful route running, leverage utilization, and reliable hands make him a standout wide receiver to watch in Texas.

STICKY HANDS: Dallas Wilson

Dallas Wilson, an elite playmaker, displayed his exceptional ball-tracking skills and athleticism at the event. His ability to come down with contested catches and outperform defenders in 50/50 situations made him a formidable threat on the field. Wilson’s chemistry with quarterback Ty Hawkins only added to his already impressive skill set, positioning him as a top prospect with room for further growth.


Mark Bowman, a physical specimen as a 2027 prospect, showcased his immense potential as a modern tight end. Standing at 6-foot-5 and 220 pounds, Bowman possesses the ideal size and athleticism for his position. With a high upside and promising future ahead, Bowman is likely to emerge as one of the top prospects in his class.

MR. EVERYTHING: Keisean Henderson

Keisean Henderson proved to be an invaluable asset on the field, excelling in various positions with unmatched versatility. Whether lining up at wide receiver, safety, or even quarterback, Henderson showcased his diverse skill set and playmaking ability. His frame, movement skills, and dynamic presence on the field make him a player to watch in the coming years.


Carterrious Brown, a standout wide receiver in the 2025 class, impressed with his length, route running, and playmaking ability at the event. With impressive hands and a knack for making big plays, Brown is closing in on multiple offers, with Baylor standing out as a potential destination. Brown’s talent and potential warrant further attention from college programs seeking a dynamic playmaker.

THE BIG MAN: Landon Rink

Landon Rink, a new Texas A&M commit, made waves at the event with his athleticism and agility despite his size. Playing for the DoughBoys, a team composed primarily of big men, Rink showcased his versatility by lining up on both offense and defense. His ability to make impressive catches and contribute in multiple roles make him a valuable addition to the Texas A&M program.

Overall, the OT7 event in Dallas proved to be a showcase of top-tier talent, with standout performances from Ty Hawkins, Kamario Taylor, Brock Boyd, Dallas Wilson, Mark Bowman, Keisean Henderson, Carterrious Brown, and Landon Rink. These players have solidified themselves as prospects to watch in the coming years, with the potential to make a significant impact at the collegiate level and beyond.