Libraries have launched an after-school program to educate children about Satan.

After School Satan Club Sparks Controversy at Tennessee Elementary School

In what has become a controversial topic in Cordova, Tennessee, an After School Satan Club is set to offer activities to children at Chimneyrock Elementary School after the Christmas break. The Satanic Temple plans to host the club in the school’s library starting on January 10th and running through the spring semester, according to a recent announcement on social media.

The news has sparked outrage among some local residents, with Reverend Bill Adkins, pastor of Greater Imani Church, expressing his concerns about the club. He stated that while he believes in the First Amendment, his “liberality is being challenged” by the presence of the Satanic Temple in the school. Adkins emphasized that allowing the Satanic Temple to have private time with children is not acceptable, especially when individuals are not permitted to pray in the school building.

Similarly, parent Reggie Carrick voiced his worries about the impact of the After School Satan Club on the school system, suggesting that it could spread to other schools if not addressed. Carrick expressed his disappointment, feeling that the school system was letting down children in order to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Despite the concerns raised by members of the community, the school’s superintendents offered a reassurance in a statement, stating that as a public school district, they are committed to upholding the principles of the First Amendment, ensuring equal access to all non-profit organizations seeking to use their facilities after school hours. The statement emphasized that the approval or denial of an organization’s request cannot be based solely on its viewpoints or beliefs.

This is not the first time that an After School Satan Club has caused controversy in schools. The Gateway Pundit reported on a ruling in Pennsylvania that forced a school district to host an After School Satan Club. This has prompted some parents to consider homeschooling as an alternative to having their children participate in the club’s activities.

The presence of the After School Satan Club at Chimneyrock Elementary School has raised questions about the balance between freedom of speech and the potential impact on young students. The controversy surrounding this issue has sparked a larger debate about the boundaries of religious freedom and the protections of children in public school environments.

As the debate continues, it is clear that the presence of the After School Satan Club at Chimneyrock Elementary School has ignited passionate responses from members of the community, prompting discussions about the rights of non-profit organizations, the protection of children, and the responsibilities of school districts in ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.