Lupillo Rivera Takes Center Stage in Controversial Reality Show

Lupillo Rivera: The Latest on the Controversies Surrounding Him

Lupillo Rivera has been the talk of the town since the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos began. When it was announced that the singer would be a part of this reality show, many people predicted that he would discuss several ‘uncomfortable’ topics.

Among the latest controversies, the so-called ‘Toro del Corrido’ responded to the question of whether his brother Juan Rivera can sing or not. However, before we delve into what Lupillo Rivera said about whether his brother Juan can sing, it’s worth noting the following.

The singer of hits like “Despreciado” revealed on La Casa de los Famosos that he had searched for his sister Jenni with the narco after learning of her disappearance. According to El Universal, the singer recalled how difficult it was to tell his parents what had happened to ‘La Diva de la Banda’. “I had already checked contacts that one has, I said ‘I want to know if they have my sister because she had abandoned a plane in Culiacán’,” he commented.

Not long after, Juan, Lupillo Rivera’s brother, gave his version of the events in an interview on the show De Primera Mano, discrediting what ‘Lupe’ had said. Their mother, doña Rosa, also dismissed this version, and she also stated that her son had never spoken to her about this.

Fans of the Rivera family know that the relationship between some members of the family is not the best. This includes ‘Lupe’ and Juan, who have been at odds with each other in recent years. In a video shared on social media, Lupillo Rivera was asked if his brother Juan can sing. “He makes an attempt,” was the singer’s limited response, making it clear that he cannot say his name.

Despite Lupillo Rivera’s brief mention of his brother Juan, his response led to a variety of reactions. Some users expressed that the singer does have empathy to speak and answer, unlike his ‘carnal’ (brother). “What a subtle way to say he can’t sing,” “He’s not lying,” “Just the truth,” said more internet users.

The controversies and revelations surrounding Lupillo Rivera continue to make headlines, and it seems that there is still much to be discussed and uncovered. As the singer captivates audiences with his appearances on La Casa de los Famosos, it remains to be seen what further controversies and revelations may arise in the coming episodes.