Mama of Melania Trump is very ill

During the holiday season, the absence of Melania Trump at Trump family celebrations sparked concern among followers. Speculation over her whereabouts ceased when Donald Trump confirmed that Melania is caring for her mother, who is facing health issues and is hospitalized in Miami.

In the midst of a New Year’s Eve celebration at Mar-A-Lago, Trump made a revealing announcement about his wife’s absence. “Melania, great First Lady, very popular, people love her, she’s now in the hospital with her mother,” he declared in a video shared on various digital platforms.

Amalija, Melania’s 53 year old mother, has been facing a complicated health condition, according to the ex-president. “Her mother, Amalija, is very ill, but we hope that she will recover,” Trump added, emphasizing his concern for Amalija’s health.

The former president expressed his wishes for a speedy recovery for Melania’s mother during the festivities at Mar-A-Lago. “But she’s been very ill, so I just want to say ‘hello’ to the First Lady, just in Miami, a great hospital, and they’re very good, hopefully she’d be okay, it’s hard, it’s very hard,” Trump remarked in a display of concern for Amalija’s health.

The absence of Melania in the family Christmas photo raised speculation among followers. However, a spokesperson confirmed that Melania’s dedication to her family is the reason behind her absence from the holiday celebration. “It shouldn’t be surprising that she spent this Christmas with her sick mother,” the source stated, emphasizing Melania’s priority towards her family during these difficult times.

Social media platforms have been flooded with messages of support and good wishes for Melania and her mother. The outpouring of solidarity from Melania’s supporters demonstrates the compassion and understanding she has received in light of caring for her sick family member.

While wishes for Amalija’s speedy recovery continue to fill digital platforms, the disqualification of former President Donald Trump as a candidate in Maine has also attracted attention. Maine is the second state to make such a decision after Colorado, putting additional pressure on the political scene. The Supreme Court of the United States is now expected to weigh in on the matter in the lead-up to the upcoming election campaign.

Last week, the Supreme Court of Colorado made the surprising decision to disqualify Trump based on a constitutional provision. Despite this precedent, most state authorities are refraining from taking a stance, leaving it to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide on the issue. The same issue is currently being debated in fifteen states, including Oregon, Virginia, New York, and Nevada.

The care and dedication that Melania has shown to her family, particularly to her sick mother, has remained at the center of attention. Melania’s commitment to her family has garnered her support and understanding from her followers. As these family matters unfold, the political scene and the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision serve as additional challenges for both the former president and the Trump family.