Manchester United manager, Erik Ten Hag, revealed the latest status of Alejandro Garnacho.

Alejandro Garnacho

Manchester United manager, Erik Ten Hag, revealed the latest status of Alejandro Garnacho. He mentioned that so far, the FA has not made a decision to punish the winger.

During the midweek, Garnacho encountered an issue. After the match against FC Copenhagen, he posted a photo of Andre Onana and some Manchester United players after the goalkeeper saved FC Copenhagen’s penalty with a gorilla emoji.

The post was quickly deleted by the winger. However, it is reported that the FA has taken notice of Garnacho’s behavior.

The post was considered to be laden with racism, and Garnacho is potentially facing severe punishment for it.

In a recent press conference, Erik Ten Hag was asked about Alejandro Garnacho’s situation.

He stated that there is no new information at the moment because they are in discussions with the FA regarding this matter, as Ten Hag was quoted by Manchester Evening News.

Ten Hag also emphasized that Garnacho’s post was by no means intended to mock Onana.

He also assured that his team remains united in a situation like this. You can see how Andre’s post related to this matter, he added.


A while after Garnacho was reportedly facing FA punishment, Andre Onana made a clarification post.

He ensured that the winger had no ill intentions towards him, and he requested that the case does not need to be pursued.

Manchester United has its own mission in the first derby of the 2023-2024 season.

The first Manchester derby of the season will be held at Old Trafford Stadium on Sunday (29/10/2023).

Referring to the current Premier League standings, Manchester United is clearly the less favored team.

This is because Manchester City is sitting in second place with 21 points from nine matches.

Not only that, Manchester City is also undefeated in their first nine matches.

Erik ten Hag’s task of defeating their cross-town rivals has become more significant.

In order to achieve victory, Manchester United is required to study their opponents and find their weaknesses.

Manchester United’s central defender, Harry Maguire, revealed the club’s mission when facing their city rivals.

“Our test is certainly tough, but our focus is not on Man City,” said Maguire, as quoted by from the club’s official website.

“We are focusing on ourselves so we can play according to our team’s abilities,” said the English central defender.

According to Maguire, shifting the focus to internal capabilities can bring several benefits.

The Red Devils can better assess the extent of their own squad’s strengths.

If this is maximized, the players will certainly be more confident.

As a result, Erik ten Hag can provide opportunities for his players to achieve the best results.

Manchester United is indeed far behind Manchester City when looking at the statistics on paper.

However, the derby match can sometimes bring unexpected results for both teams.

Today’s transfer rumors regarding Manchester United, on Saturday (28/10/23), are focused on David de Gea and Sebastian Caceres.

The Premier League giant has not been exempt from the issue of re-signing De Gea since last week.

The Red Devils, according to The Sun’s report, want their former goalkeeper to return because they are expected to lose Andre Onana in January 2024 when he is scheduled to represent Cameroon in the Africa Cup.

Onana’s absence was unexpected for Manchester United because when he was purchased from Inter Milan in June 2023, he had already announced his retirement from international matches for approximately eight months due to a dispute with his coach in Cameroon.

Therefore, it is understandable that the Red Devils are in panic mode and exploring the potential to do a u-turn and approach De Gea again, who is still a free agent.

At the moment, there are still Altay Bayindir and Tom Heaton at Old Trafford, who are the backups for Andre Onana, but both of them are considered not good enough to play while the first-choice goalkeeper is absent.

That’s why David de Gea is rumored to make a comeback in a Manchester United uniform in the upcoming winter transfer market, even if it’s only a half-season contract until the end of 2023/2024.

De Gea is currently in Manchester, England, the city where he has lived for 12 years. This can be seen from his latest Instagram story with his wife, Edurne, a famous Spanish singer.

This further strengthens the rumors of his return to Manchester United, as a few days earlier, the Spanish goalkeeper made a tweet consisting of just one emoji, leaving the public more curious.