Manchester United’s Antony Addresses Assault Allegations on Brazilian TV A Deep Dive into the Controversy

In recent weeks, the world of sports has been rocked by allegations of assault against Manchester United’s rising star, Antony. The 23-year-old Brazilian forward, who has made a name for himself with his dazzling performances on the field, now finds himself at the center of a legal storm, facing accusations of domestic abuse and assault from multiple women. In a bid to defend his reputation and maintain his innocence, Antony took to Brazilian television to address the allegations and assert his side of the story.

The Allegations Unveiled

The saga began with allegations of domestic abuse made by Antony’s former girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin. She claimed that on the fateful night of January 15th, 2023, she was subjected to a violent headbutt in a Manchester hotel room, leaving her with a cut head that required immediate medical attention. But that wasn’t the extent of her accusations; she also alleged that Antony had punched her in the chest, causing damage to a silicone breast implant, which ultimately necessitated corrective surgery. These shocking allegations sent shockwaves through the footballing community and prompted immediate investigations by both British and Brazilian authorities.

Antony’s Emotional Rebuttal

In response to these grave allegations, Antony chose to speak out publicly for the first time, opting for a televised interview on the Brazilian network SBT. With a palpable mix of anger and sorrow, the young footballer categorically denied the charges, vehemently asserting his innocence. “It’s totally wrong, 100% wrong,” he declared. “I have a mother, a sister. I would never want this to happen to them.” Antony’s emotional turmoil was evident as he discussed the impact of the allegations on his career, specifically his removal from the Brazilian national team. He expressed deep sadness, stating, “It made me really sad because it’s something that I’m 100% sure is not true. It’s not easy; we work and fight to make our dreams come true, even more so when we wear the Brazilian team shirt.”

Additional Allegations Surface

As if the allegations from Gabriela Cavallin were not enough, Antony soon found himself facing yet another set of accusations, this time from Ingrid Lana, a 33-year-old banker. In a short clip released by Brazil’s Record TV, Lana claimed that she had hit her head when Antony allegedly “pushed her against a wall” at his Manchester residence in October 2022. The full interview with Lana was anticipated to reveal more details about this incident and shed further light on the allegations.

The Response from Manchester United and the Brazilian National Team

In light of the disturbing allegations, Manchester United, one of the world’s most renowned football clubs, issued a statement indicating that they were taking the matter “seriously.” However, the club did not elaborate on any specific actions or measures they would take in response to the allegations. Furthermore, it remains unclear whether Antony will be selected to play in Manchester United’s next fixture against Brighton on September 16, 2023. The club’s stance on this matter is eagerly awaited by both fans and the public.

The Brazilian national team swiftly dropped Antony from their squad, citing that the “facts became public” and necessitated a thorough investigation. This move sent a strong message about the seriousness with which the Brazilian Football Confederation regards the allegations.

The Ongoing Investigations

With Antony’s career and reputation hanging in the balance, the investigations by both Greater Manchester Police and Sao Paulo Police have taken center stage. Both law enforcement agencies are tasked with uncovering the truth behind these grave allegations. The public’s interest in the case is undeniably high, with many anxiously awaiting any developments that may offer clarity on Antony’s innocence or culpability.


The allegations of assault against Antony have thrown his career into turmoil and left a cloud of uncertainty hanging over his future as a footballer. While Antony passionately denies the charges and claims to be a victim of false accusations, the truth remains elusive. The ongoing investigations will play a crucial role in determining the veracity of these allegations, and only time will tell how this controversy unfolds.

In the coming weeks and months, the world will be watching closely as legal proceedings and investigations progress. The case of Antony serves as a stark reminder of the complex issues surrounding allegations of assault and domestic abuse, highlighting the importance of thorough and impartial investigations to ensure justice is served for all parties involved.

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