Maria Sharapova Contemplates Future as Tennis Commentator and Reflects on Career Success

Russian tennis icon Maria Sharapova recently shared her thoughts on the possibility of transitioning into a career as a tennis commentator during an appearance on the ‘Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard’ podcast. The five-time Grand Slam champion, who retired from professional tennis in 2020 due to a shoulder injury, expressed her interest in becoming a commentator, citing her concise speaking style and keen observational skills.

Since bidding farewell to her professional tennis career, Sharapova has shifted her focus to her personal life. Last year, she and her long-time fiancé, Alexander Gilkes, welcomed their first child, marking a new chapter for the former world number one.

While Sharapova has limited her travels to tennis tournaments post-retirement, she made a notable appearance at the 2023 Canadian Open in Toronto. During the event, she engaged with young female volunteers, underscoring her continued connection to the sport. GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO

In her conversation on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Sharapova emphasized her preference for thoughtful communication, stating, “I’m not someone that says a lot, I don’t speak all the time just to speak. I’m more of an observer, and when I’m confident, I wanna say what I feel like when I’ve done enough research about something, conviction in my thoughts when I say it.” This, she believes, makes her a strong candidate for a commentary role as she avoids unnecessary verbosity.

Reflecting on her illustrious tennis career, which began in 2001, Sharapova achieved significant success, capturing the Wimbledon title in 2004 at the age of 17. Her Grand Slam victories also include the 2006 US Open, 2008 Australian Open, 2012 French Open, and 2014 French Open. With a total of 36 professional titles, Sharapova earned $38,777,962 in prize money, ranking among the top earners in women’s tennis.

Beyond her on-court achievements, Sharapova’s business acumen is evident in her lucrative brand endorsements. Notable partnerships with Nike, Head, TAG Heuer, Porsche, and Evian, among others, have reportedly contributed to her amassing around $250 million in sponsorship deals. Additionally, her entrepreneurial venture, Sugarpova—a brand of candy and gummies launched in 2013—has flourished and is valued at over $150 million in 2023.

As Maria Sharapova contemplates her future beyond the tennis court, her multifaceted successes both on and off the court continue to shape her legacy in the world of sports and business.