Martin Odegaard has become a crucial player for Arsenal.

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has spoken out about speculation regarding his future. He has indicated that he still wants to continue his career with Arsenal.

Odegaard has become a crucial player for Arsenal, making a significant impact on the team since his move from Real Madrid.

His contract with Arsenal is nearing its end, and as a result, many top European clubs have shown interest in signing him from Arsenal.

Arsenal’s management has not remained passive in this situation. They are reportedly working to secure a new contract for the midfielder in the near future.

In a recent interview with Nettavisen, Odegaard mentioned that he couldn’t provide an update on his new Arsenal contract yet. However, he emphasized that he is very happy to be a part of Arsenal’s squad.

“I can’t say much about this matter yet, but I can say that I am very happy at Arsenal,” said Odegaard.

Odegaard also emphasized his desire to have a long career at Arsenal but couldn’t reveal many details about the contract extension process.

“I really hope to play for this club for a long time,” Odegaard continued. “Besides that, I can’t say much. Right now, my focus is on playing for the national team,” he concluded.

According to reports in England, Arsenal and Odegaard’s agent are still in discussions regarding the new contract. In general, both parties agree to continue their collaboration, but there are some clauses in the new contract that still need further discussion.

Declan Rice admitted that he is absorbing the intelligence of an out-of-favor Arsenal player who is set to be offloaded by Arteta.

New Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice didn’t hesitate to praise an out-of-favor Arsenal player whom he considers to have a different level of football intelligence compared to most players in Mikel Arteta’s squad.

Who is he talking about?

It’s Jorginho, the experienced Italian midfielder who has earned Rice’s admiration.

The English international player was surprised by the special abilities possessed by the former Chelsea midfielder, even though he isn’t a regular choice at the Emirates Stadium.

In fact, manager Mikel Arteta has been contemplating selling Jorginho in the near future.

“He’s been quite surprising to me, not surprising because I knew he’s a fantastic player,” Rice said.

“But playing with him every day in training, seeing the way he is, because he’s not the tallest, he’s Jorginho,” he continued.

“His brain, the way he works as a defensive midfielder, I’ve just tried to take a little bit of his game,” said Rice, who didn’t hesitate to admit that he’s learning from the 31-year-old midfielder.

“He’s always in the right position, always knows when to pass, always creates time for himself. He’s an incredible teacher, and I’ve tried to take a little bit from his game,” Rice concluded.

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