Massive Bargains at Carrefour: Beat the Heat Wave with Mobile Cooling and Protection!

Spain is currently experiencing the most extreme heat wave of the summer, with temperatures reaching five to ten degrees higher than the usual average at this time. This wave of heat is not only affecting people, but also their electronic devices, which are particularly vulnerable to high temperatures due to the heat generated by their components.

One common symptom of mobile devices suffering from high temperatures is that they slow down, as their processors are unable to reach their maximum frequencies in order to prevent damage to the hardware. To combat this issue, many users are turning to external cooling systems that can be attached to their mobile devices to lower temperatures. While there are several models available on the market, many are too expensive for the average user.

However, Carrefour is offering a solution with their “mobile cooler” priced at only 44.90 euros, with a discount from its original price. The device, which is sold by the Antiimpacto store on the Carrefour platform, consists of a small fan that can reach up to 7,500 revolutions per minute and attaches to the back of the mobile device. This fan directs air towards the areas that generate the most heat, helping to cool them down. The device also features lights and a temperature display, originally designed for gamers who wanted to maintain maximum performance on their gaming phones, which tend to get hotter than regular devices.

The mobile cooler works through a USB connection and comes with a cable included in the box. It can adapt to different screen sizes, and the manufacturer provides different versions depending on the brand of the user’s device.

In addition to using cooling systems like the mobile cooler, there are other common precautions that can be taken to protect mobile devices from heat. These include keeping the mobile in the shade and avoiding exposing it to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It is also important to avoid using the mobile while it is charging, as this can generate additional heat. If possible, it is recommended to turn off the device or put it in airplane mode when it is not being used, as this can help reduce heat generation.

Taking these precautions and using external cooling systems like the mobile cooler can help protect mobile devices from the negative effects of high temperatures. As the extreme heat wave continues in Spain, it is crucial to prioritize the well-being of both ourselves and our electronic devices.