Mastering Accurate Navigation: A Guide to Calibrating the Google Maps Compass on iPhone

Google Maps is a widely used application for navigation and searching for places. However, it can sometimes fail to provide accurate directions, especially when there is network congestion. Additionally, the compass of our iPhone may be wrongly calibrated, leading to further navigation issues. To address this problem, Google Maps has a simple tool to adjust the precision and ensure accurate location information. In this article, we will explain how to calibrate the compass in Google Maps.

One traditional method of calibrating the mobile compass is by imitating the infinity symbol (∞) in the air. This involves holding the iPhone firmly, lifting it up slightly, and drawing the shape of the infinity symbol. This gesture helps Google Maps correctly “read” the user’s position in relation to the cardinal points.

Fortunately, there is a less cumbersome way to calibrate Google Maps. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open Google Maps on your iPhone and tap on the blue circle that determines your position.
2. A menu will appear with several options. Tap on “Calibrate” and Google Maps will prompt you to pick up the iPhone to recognize the elements of the street where you are. Using Lens, the app will “read” the signs and their position relative to the street.
3. An alert message will appear, reminding you to be cautious, especially when crossing a street. Tap on “Start” to initiate the calibration process.
4. The application may request permission to use the camera to recognize the environment. Using the iPhone camera, the system will start to explore the surroundings. Once finished, a message will appear stating “high location accuracy”.

By completing these steps, you will have verified your position and orientation in relation to the plane. It is important to note that this process may need to be repeated in areas exposed to magnetic fields, such as metro entrances or crowded squares where the presence of mobile phones is high.

When calibrating the compass, it is crucial to remain in the same location to avoid tripping or confusing the compass. This tool is beneficial for both drivers and pedestrians, providing smooth navigation. Calibrating the Google Maps compass ensures you can navigate with confidence and avoid being led in the wrong direction by your iPhone.

Next time you use Google Maps, remember to calibrate the compass for accurate navigation.