Mastering Your New Mac: 33 Tips and Hidden Functions for a Strong Start

We all have the same goal when we inherit or purchase a new or newly formatted Mac: to start using it without making beginner mistakes and extend its optimal performance for as long as possible. It is not trivial because a series of habits and tips can help achieve that and ensure that your Mac lasts a decade.

Therefore, with the holiday season around the corner, and more than one person getting a new Mac for Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of the best tricks and hidden functions to help you have a perfect machine from the first day you use it.

The article covers basic macOS options to consider before anything else, such as activating the right-click of the mouse and disabling autocorrect. It also advises against activating cloud synchronization for ‘Documents’ and ‘Desktop’ folders in iCloud Drive and provides tips for uninstalling apps and formatting a disk on the Mac.

Furthermore, the article delves into customization tricks for Mac, including adjusting screen resolutions, tinting macOS windows, and creating memoji from your Mac. It also offers guidance on setting video call participant sizes and setting conversations in iMessage at the top of the sidebar.

In addition, the article provides tips to get more out of your Mac keyboard with shortcuts and quick functions, such as using Spotlight as a calculator and unit converter, closing application windows, and emptying the trash immediately. It also includes tricks for customizing Chrome and restarting or shutting down your Mac for a clean boot.

The article then delves into how to be a productivity ace on macOS, with tips for importing documents or photos from an iPhone or iPad, signing documents without using paper, and maximizing performance by disabling optimized charging. Additionally, it covers using the Reminders app as a basic GTD manager and transferring a PDF to Word.

Finally, the article explores other secret macOS tricks and features, such as managing passwords on a Mac without installing any applications and optimizing Mac storage settings.

The article is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to make the most out of their new Mac, offering valuable tips and tricks to enhance the user experience and ensure the longevity of the device. Whether you’re a new Mac user or a seasoned veteran, these tips and tricks are sure to help you get the most out of your device.