Mazda CX-60 and CX-90 models from 2024 have been recalled due to potential steering failure.

Mazda Recalls CX-60 and CX-90 Vehicles Due to Steering Failure

Mazda Australia has issued a recall for 5,257 2024 Mazda CX-60 and CX-90 vehicles after it was discovered that a manufacturing defect in the power steering system could lead to its failure. The affected vehicles include 3,758 Mazda CX-60 and CX-90 vehicles reported as sold, as well as vehicles in transit from the factory and in dealer stock.

According to a withdrawal notice filed with the Department of Infrastructure, the gear set within the power steering assembly may not function as intended. This defect could result in an unexpected increase in steering effort while driving, posing a risk of an accident causing injury or death to vehicle occupants and other road users.

Mazda Australia has advised that it will contact affected customers to bring their vehicle to their preferred Mazda dealer for fuel hose replacement at no charge when parts are available. The company has also provided a complete list of the identification numbers of the 5,257 vehicles involved in the recall, which can be found on their website.

A Mazda Australia spokesperson told Drive, “The difference between the sales figure is where the vehicles will be distributed within the supply chain. For example, some will have been sold in bulk to distributors, while others may be in transit relative to the production date. In any case, all models that have not yet been released will have the update implemented before the customer’s purchase.”

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The recall is a result of Mazda’s commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of their vehicles. Customers who own a 2024 Mazda CX-60 or CX-90 are urged to check if their vehicle is part of the recall and to contact Mazda Australia for further assistance.

The safety and well-being of Mazda customers are of utmost importance to the company, and they are working diligently to minimize any inconvenience caused by the recall. Customers with affected vehicles are encouraged to take their vehicles to an authorized Mazda dealer for inspection and potential repairs.

Mazda Australia is committed to delivering a high level of service to their customers and ensuring that their vehicles are safe and reliable. The company will continue to work closely with regulatory authorities and take necessary actions to address any safety concerns with their vehicles.

In conclusion, the recall of the 2024 Mazda CX-60 and CX-90 vehicles is a precautionary measure intended to ensure the safety and satisfaction of Mazda customers. The company is dedicated to resolving the issue promptly and efficiently, and customers can rest assured that Mazda will take all necessary steps to address any concerns related to the safety and reliability of their vehicles.

Mazda Australia will continue to provide updates and information regarding the recall through their website and official communication channels. Customers are encouraged to stay informed and take the necessary steps to address any safety concerns with their vehicles.