Michael Jackson’s Company Seeks to Prevent Accusers from Obtaining Photos of Genitalia

Michael Jackson’s production company is taking legal action to prevent Wade Robson and James Safechuck from accessing his criminal file. The company believes that the two men are seeking photos of the late pop icon’s genitalia and are requesting the court to throw out their requests.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Michael Jackson’s companies have argued against allowing Wade and James to access the police records related to MJ. The production company asserts that the requests should be denied as they believe it is an attempt to obtain inappropriate images of the singer.

Both Wade Robson and James Safechuck have accused Michael Jackson of sexually molesting them as children. They are currently suing the singer’s corporations, alleging that the staff enabled the abuse. The cases have been allowed to move forward after initially being dismissed in 2017.

Wade Robson first subpoenaed the records from the Santa Barbara County District Attorney, the Los Angeles County District Attorney, and LAPD in 2017. However, the court rejected his request in July 2018. The request has now been revived through their cases against MJJ Productions.

The argument presented by MJ’s company is that Wade and James should not have access to the singer’s files, as they may contain images from the ’93 child molestation investigation. The company believes that the information is irrelevant to their complaints and infringes on Michael’s privacy, even after his passing.

The company stated, “Plaintiffs’ attempt to obtain this sensitive, private, and irrelevant information over this Court’s prior order to quash is particularly egregious.” It is clear that they are adamant about preventing the disclosure of any potentially compromising photographs.

In their documentary “Leaving Neverland,” Wade Robson and James Safechuck detailed their allegations against Michael Jackson. Their lawsuits against his company were revived on appeal thanks to a recent law passed in California, allowing them to pursue legal action against the corporation.

MJ’s company is determined to prevent Wade and James from obtaining any sensitive information, including possible nude photographs of the singer. The company fears that the two men might attempt to publicize these images and is taking steps to block their access to the files to avoid any potential privacy violations.