Michael Jackson’s daughter defends her choice to display her armpit hair – tells critics to move on

Paris Jackson Responds to Criticism Over Her Armpit Hair

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late singer Michael Jackson, has been facing backlash from critics who disapprove of her decision to grow out her armpit hair. The controversy arose after Paris posted a video on Instagram in which she shared memories of her father. In the video, she wore a loose sleeveless dress, and when she raised her arm to tie her hair up, her lengthy armpit hair was exposed. The negative comments poured in, with some accusing her of seeking attention.

Page Six reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday, when Paris, now 25, shared the video on Instagram. The post quickly garnered attention, and many users took issue with her choice to grow out her armpit hair. One comment read, “Shaving armpits is a kind of cleanliness,” while another accused her of making the video solely to showcase her armpit hair.

Paris did not take the criticism lightly and decided to respond to the hateful comments on X (formerly known as Twitter). In her post, she clarified that she was not trying to show off her armpit hair but rather had forgotten about it since she hadn’t shaved it for years. She also jokingly added that she had tied her hair up to flaunt her “glass cutting jawline.”

Not all the responses were negative, however, as some feminists came to Paris’s defense. One user expressed support for Paris’s decision, stating that women are meant to have armpit hair for a reason. Another commented that Paris should continue being herself because her dad would be proud. Some even found humor in the situation, saying they loved her with or without armpit hair.

The video that sparked the controversy also featured Paris discussing her father Michael on what would have been his 65th birthday. She revealed that he disliked his birthday being acknowledged and that celebrating it was strictly forbidden. Not posting about his birthday on social media led to criticism from fans, who mistakenly believed it meant she did not care about her father. Paris expressed the pain this caused her, as she received hateful messages and was told to “kill herself.”

On the same day, Paris performed at the Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction, Colorado. She took the opportunity to pay tribute to her late father, stating that he had dedicated 50 years of his life to his craft so that she could stand on stage and sing. She expressed her gratitude, acknowledging that she owed everything to him.

While Paris has the right to decide whether or not to grow out her armpit hair, she should also be prepared for criticism from those who find it unappealing. Only time will tell if she continues this personal choice in the future.

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