Microsoft and TomTom Partner in Developing Generative AI in Cars

TomTom has recently announced a new partnership with Microsoft to bring Generative AI into vehicles. TomTom has developed a sophisticated AI-powered voice assistant based on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

The company states that this new solution, integrated into the TomTom Digital Cockpit, can be embedded in in-car infotainment systems, and the two companies are collaborating on various AI solutions.

This solution integrates the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to leverage large language models, in addition to Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Cognitive Services. The voice assistant can be integrated into other automotive infotainment systems, allowing automotive customers to expedite time-to-market with a customizable interface while retaining ownership of their brand and driver experience. The solution is also integrated into TomTom’s Digital Cockpit, an open and modular in-vehicle infotainment platform.

“Together with Microsoft, our shared vision is to drive innovation with generative AI and provide better solutions for our customers,” says Mike Schoofs, Chief Revenue Officer, TomTom. “Utilizing our navigation and technology expertise, we are creating a revolutionary new way for people to interact with their vehicles. By integrating the best of what both companies do into one solution, we are transforming the in-vehicle experience, allowing drivers to ask their car for anything and trust that it will deliver.”

You can find more details about this new partnership between Microsoft and TomTom on the TomTom website at the link below.

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