Microsoft’s Surprise-Filled Surface Leaks

The ‘Post-PC’ Era: Windows 12 and the Future of AI in Personal Computers

Not long ago, it seemed like the computer sector was going to take a backseat to smartphones and tablets. However, the ‘Post-PC’ era has not arrived, and users continue to depend on computers in their daily lives, both at work and in their personal time. Microsoft, which was close to abandoning PCs, has recognized the real needs of users with the launch of Windows 11, and it seems that with Windows 12, that path will continue.

Windows 12, set to be released in 2024, will bring a new generation of personal computers based on Artificial Intelligence. These ‘IA PCs’ will be able to run AI technology locally, thanks to new chips from Intel and AMD with specialized processing units for AI.

Microsoft is set to demonstrate the possibilities of this concept with the next generation of Surface devices, which will be presented as “the first true AI PC computers”. These devices will bring important hardware changes and will showcase the potential of AI in personal computers.

The changes in the upcoming Surface devices are significant and exciting. Both the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop will be available with Intel and Qualcomm processors, providing users with a range of choices. The devices will boast improved performance and battery life, with the models with Intel based on the 14th generation and the models with Qualcomm featuring personalized versions of the new Snapdragon chips.

The Surface Laptop 6 is set to receive a complete renovation, with a new design, thinner edges, and a greater selection of ports. It will be available in two sizes, 13.8 inches and 15 inches, and will feature a keyboard with a button to start Windows Copilot, an AI based on the same technology as ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 10 will maintain the tablet format with a keyboard case but will see improvements to the screen with HDR support and a new anti-reflection coating. The webcam and keyboard will also receive upgrades, making for an exciting lineup of next-generation devices from Microsoft.

With Windows 12 and the new generation of Surface devices, the future of personal computers is looking brighter than ever. The integration of AI into PCs will open up new possibilities and capabilities, providing users with powerful and intelligent computing options. The ‘Post-PC’ era may not have arrived, but with Windows 12 and AI-powered PCs, the future of computing is looking up.