Mid-South Focus: Five major questions about rankings as we approach the final 2024 update.

Top Notch Football Prospects from Mid-South Yearn for High-Rankings in 2024 Update

Now that the all-star games are in the books, it’s time to start thinking about final Rivals rankings for the 2024 class. Let’s take a look at some of the top Mid-South region questions on my mind heading into the meetings.

2024 Rankings and Importance in the Realm of College Football

The final ranking for the class of 2024 is a critical element in the world of college football prospects. This series focuses on the top five big rankings questions while entering the final 2024 update across different regions including Midwest, East, and Southeast.

Rivals Rankings for the Class of 2024, 2025, and 2026

Class of 2024 rankings include Rivals250, team rankings, position rankings, and state rankings. Further, the class of 2025 and 2026 ranks are also available for access.

Exploring Individual Rankings Queries

It’s crucial to explore questions related to specific football talents with utmost attention. Questions such as where DJ Lagway will land in the final rankings become important to delve into.

Lagway’s Phenomenal Senior Season

Florida signee DJ Lagway had an absolutely phenomenal senior season as he was moved up to a five-star status. This upgrade was well-deserved due to his remarkable performance, throwing for 4,604 yards with 58 touchdowns and 8 interceptions, and rushing for 957 yards and 16 more scores. However, his ranking in the final update is up for debate after his performance at the Under Armour Game.

Other Five-Stars in Texas

The state of Texas has already produced five five-star players in the Texas state rankings. With the strong performances from players in the Under Armour Game and the All-American Bowl, the possibility of adding more names to the list seems likely.

Top Player in Louisiana

The top player in Louisiana is currently being scrutinized as LSU tight end signee Trey’Dez Green contends with Lafayette four-star defensive tackle Dominick McKinley in their rankings.

Positional Rankings Debate

The possibility of moving Terry Bussey to the WR rankings is being debated, with his performance at the Under Armour week casting more light on this decision.

Mississippi Rankings Discourse

In Mississippi, the discussion revolves around the top receivers in the state and whether the current rankings accurately represent the talent pool.

The final Rivals 2024 Class update is anticipated to bring clarity to these questions and many more, as college football enthusiasts await the final rankings with great anticipation.