Miraculous: Indiana man survives six days in truck wreckage before rescue, relied on rainwater for survival | The Gateway Pundit

Indiana Man Miraculously Survives Six Days Inside Wrecked Car After Crash

Matthew Reum, a 27-year-old man from Indiana, has defied all odds by surviving six days trapped inside his crashed truck in a creek beneath a highway. The miraculous discovery was made by two fishermen who were scouting for fishing holes on December 27th.

According to first responders on the scene, Reum was able to survive six days by drinking nothing but rainwater. Sgt. Glen Fifield of the Indiana State Police reported that the two fishermen touched the body inside the mangled truck, and the person turned their head and started talking to them, which came as a shock to them. Reum was then airlifted to a hospital in South Bend where he is currently being treated for severe injuries.

The discovery of Reum’s survival has shocked the community, with many describing his ordeal as a miracle. “It’s a miracle he’s alive,” Sgt. Glen Fifield told the press.

Mario Garcia and his son-in-law Nivardo De La Torre, the two fishermen who made the discovery, recounted their experience during a press conference. They mentioned that they had been looking for fishing holes when they found a vehicle in a shallow creek beneath an Interstate 94 bridge in Portage, Indiana. Upon further investigation, they discovered Reum inside the wrecked car and were startled to find him alive. Reum reportedly told the fishermen that he had crashed his car days earlier but was unable to reach his cellphone to call for help. CBS News reported that he suffered potentially life-threatening injuries and had been rushed to Memorial hospital in South Bend.

The news of Reum’s survival has gained widespread attention, with many expressing amazement at the fact that he was able to survive for six days in such dire circumstances. A tweet from CBS Chicago highlighted the amazement expressed by a 911 dispatcher upon learning that Reum had been trapped in his truck for six days and was still alive.

The Associated Press also covered the story, emphasizing the astonishing nature of Reum’s survival. Their tweet stated, “Trapped in his crashed truck, an Indiana man is rescued after 6 days surviving on rainwater.”

The Guardian provided additional details about the incident, quoting the two fishermen who discovered Reum and revealing the extent of his injuries. Their report stated that Reum had suffered potentially life-threatening injuries and had been unable to reach his cellphone to call for help. Despite the severity of his injuries, Reum’s survival has been described as nothing short of miraculous.

The news of Reum’s survival has captivated the public and has been widely shared on social media. The incredible story of his resilience and perseverance has inspired many and serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit. As Reum continues his recovery in the hospital, his remarkable ordeal will undoubtedly continue to resonate with people around the world.