Mitú’s New Studio: A Sprawling Space in the Heart of East Los Angeles

NGLmitú, the leading digital media and entertainment company for Latinos in the United States, has taken a significant step forward with the introduction of mitúStudios, a state-of-the-art creative space spanning 14,000 square feet. The studio, situated in the heart of East Los Angeles, is poised to be the central hub for content production catering to the Latino community, thereby fostering connections between advertisers, creators, and filmmakers within this vibrant demographic.

In a press release, Joe Bernard, the Chief Revenue Officer at NGLmitú, emphasized the surging demand for Latino voices and perspectives, both among consumers and advertisers. This development underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to being the foremost outlet for Latino content in America. The launch of mitúStudios comes on the heels of renewed investment in content, including the upcoming seasons of popular shows like ‘Chica, Déjame Decirte’ and ‘3G’s,’ as well as the greenlighting of new original programs.

The studio embodies NGLmitú’s dedication to amplifying diverse generations, narratives, and Latino voices by fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and community. Positioned as the primary production facility following the debut of mitúTV earlier this year, mitúStudios is set to be a creative powerhouse, partnering with renowned brands such as Stella Rosa®, Emergen-C, and others to bring compelling content to audiences. Boasting 5 permanent and 3 semi-permanent sets, along with cutting-edge production equipment, the studio is primed to drive innovation and excellence in content creation.

Since its launch, ‘Chica, déjame decirte’ and ‘3G’s’ have garnered substantial viewership, featuring a diverse roster of guests and performers from the Latino community. Vanessa Vigil, the Chief Brand Officer at NGLmitú, underscored the company’s mission to serve as the voice of present and future U.S. Latinos, resonating with audiences through authentic and engaging programming.

With a deep understanding of the Hispanic market’s $2.5 billion purchasing power, NGLmitú crafts branded content that speaks directly to the nuanced experiences of today’s Latino consumers, who straddle the line between American and Latino identities. The launch of mitúStudios heralds a new chapter in authentic representation and storytelling for the Latino community, paying homage to founder John Leguizamo’s longstanding advocacy for Latino visibility in entertainment and the arts.

As a pioneer in the U.S. Hispanic market for over two decades, NGLmitú’s commitment to elevating Latino voices and narratives remains unwavering. The studio’s role as a creative hub for original series on mitúTV, a bilingual English-language channel catering to Hispanic audiences, further solidifies its position as a prominent player in Latino media.

Beyond content creation, mitúStudios plays host to collaborative initiatives with brands and creators, showcasing innovative campaigns and projects that celebrate Latino culture and creativity. From spotlighting iconic brands like Stella Rosa® Wines to fostering musical collaborations with emerging talent, the studio serves as a lively space for artistic expression and cultural exchange.

In line with its mission to empower the next generation of Latin voices, mitúStudios welcomes Latino creators and filmmakers to enrich the creative landscape, offering opportunities to bring their stories to life on screens big and small. By bridging the gap between established industry players and emerging talent, NGLmitú aims to champion Latino engagement as an integral component of content creation and audience engagement.

In essence, mitúStudios represents not just a physical space for creativity, but a symbol of NGLmitú’s enduring commitment to authentic representation, collaboration, and community building within the vibrant Latino media landscape. As the company continues to lead the charge in amplifying Latino voices and stories, the launch of mitúStudios marks a significant milestone in its ongoing journey towards inclusivity, innovation, and cultural impact.