Monitor Your Home’s Health with This Connected Device

Ultrahuman Home: The Smart Device for Monitoring Health at Home

Ultrahuman has recently unveiled its new device, Ultrahuman Home, which may resemble a Mac mini or an Apple TV but serves an entirely different purpose. This innovative connected device is designed to monitor the health levels of the home through its integrated sensors. The company envisions that in the future, the device will also have automation capabilities and the ability to manage smart home elements remotely.

Indeed, Ultrahuman Home marks the Indian-origin company’s first foray into the smart home market, following the successful launch of various intelligent devices for monitoring people’s health, including their smart ring. With Ultrahuman Home, the company is expanding its portfolio to include devices designed specifically for improving the health and well-being of indoor spaces.

Ultrahuman Home boasts a range of features that set it apart from other smart home devices. It is equipped with sensors that can monitor natural energy and daylight levels, air pollution, noise, humidity, and smoke within the room where it is installed. The device then translates this information into a scoring system to provide users with insights into the quality of their indoor environment. Additionally, it offers recommendations for improvements to enhance rest and overall comfort.

Looking ahead, Ultrahuman Home’s roadmap includes the potential for automating actions based on user needs. The device is expected to integrate with popular platforms such as IFTTT, offering even more customization and control options for users. Furthermore, Ultrahuman Home can function independently or in combination with other smart devices from the company, providing more precise recommendations based on the data collected.

Another notable feature of Ultrahuman Home is that it does not require a subscription. Users only need to make a one-time payment for the product and set it up in a static location to begin using it. The company has also prioritized privacy considerations in the development of the device. It ensures that sound data captured by the microphone is not uploaded to the company’s servers, and users can turn off Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth via a physical button for added privacy.

Ultrahuman Home will be priced at $349 and is set to be showcased at CES 2024. The device represents an exciting step forward for Ultrahuman as it continues to innovate in the health and wellness technology space. For more information, visit