Natanael Cano Kisses Guitarist During Concert

In a recent show, Natanael Cano, the icon of “corridos tumbados”, surprised his audience with an unexpected gesture. While delighting his fans with his music, the singer approached one of his musicians to do the least expected thing in his concert.

Jorge Tapia, his guitarist, was the one involved in the controversy, as the singer gave him an effusive kiss, a moment that went viral on social media.

This gesture unleashed a moment of camaraderie and appreciation at the concert, although it was labeled as ‘inappropriate’ by internet users. Cano, in the midst of the melodies, not only praised Tapia’s musical prowess, but also openly expressed his affection. Just as the respect he has for his fellow musician, showing the solidity of the relationship between the members of his band.

“Que bonito estás” (You look beautiful), said Natanael Cano to his guitarist just before planting a kiss on him that has caused a stir on social media.

The vibrant and unscripted essence that characterizes Cano’s performances was evident once again, sparking speculations. His spontaneous flow of praise towards Tapia kept the audience hooked, highlighting the palpable connection between the two artists on stage.

But there were also those who began to draw their own conclusions, claiming that the singer of “corridos tumbados” might be attracted to men. It is worth mentioning that the “Cuerno Azulado” interpreter has not yet spoken out to confirm or deny the rumors.

The kiss between Cano and Tapia triggered a wave of comments online from fans and haters of the famous Mexican. The followers expressed excitement, and some of the other internet users interpreted the display of affection as a sign of romance between them.

The controversial moment began to circulate through the TikTok platform, where internet users expressed their reactions. “If Nata turns, I do too”, “Do Nata and Jorge like each other?”, “For me, they are a couple. He always hugs him so affectionately”, it reads.

The authenticity of Cano and his passion for music create expectations about future innovations in his artistic offerings, keeping his followers in suspense. The singer’s gesture not only left a mark on his concert but also reaffirmed his reputation as a spontaneous and authentic artist.

This affection between two stage partners has resonated in the collective memory of those who witnessed the moment.

The controversial kiss at Natanael Cano’s concert has generated a lot of debate, but it also shows the joy and connection between the musicians on stage. It’s another example of how Cano continues to surprise and captivate his audience with his unique approach to his art. This spontaneous and surprising moment just adds to his charismatic and unpredictable stage presence.