Newly Released Footage of Alec Baldwin in ‘Rust’ Shows Him Saying ‘I’m Going to Shoot’

In a new video released from the set of the Alec Baldwin movie “Rust,” the actor can be seen firing a prop gun and telling crew members to move out of its path. The chilling new footage was filmed before the tragic incident in October 2021, where a gun Baldwin was holding went off, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza. Baldwin can be seen in the video saying, “Now wait a second. I’m going to shoot right, do you mind going to the other side of the camera? I don’t want to shoot toward you.” News of this new footage comes just as prosecutors are considering recharging Baldwin for Hutchins’ death. This would be the second time Baldwin could face involuntary manslaughter charges.

The New Mexico prosecutors are preparing to recharge Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter. They had previously dropped all charges against him earlier this year, but “new facts” have come to light, leading them to reconsider. “After extensive investigation over the past several months, additional facts have come to light that we believe show Mr. Baldwin has criminal culpability in the death of Halyna Hutchins and the shooting of Joel Souza,” said special prosecutors Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis in a statement. “We believe the appropriate course of action is to permit a panel of New Mexico citizens to determine from here whether Mr. Baldwin should be held over for criminal trial.”

The current footage may not bode well for Baldwin’s defense, as it shows him warning the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, that the gun is being pointed in her direction. Despite all of this, Baldwin had finished filming “Rust” with the rest of the cast and crew back in May, something he called a “long and difficult road.” He congratulated director Joel and the entire cast and crew, claiming it to be a “miracle.”

Baldwin’s lawyer Luke Nikas has called the new prosecution “misguided” and has said that his client will answer any charges in court. The fact is, there are numerous questions and concerns surrounding the safety protocols and management of the set that resulted in the accidental shooting.

For many people, the renewed possibility of charges against Baldwin has brought this tragedy back into the spotlight. Given his violent temper and his radical left-wing political ideas, many people would like to see him held accountable, believing that even Hollywood celebrities should not be above the law. And while the outcome of this case is still uncertain, it is clear that the tragic events on the set of “Rust” have raised serious concerns about the safety and responsibility of all involved in filmmaking.