Nia Jax’s return to WWE has been officially confirmed, but unfortunately, reports indicate that she inadvertently injured Rhea Ripley and another undisclosed star during her comeback.

Nia Jax Returns to WWE RAW, Injures Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez

Last week on WWE RAW, Nia Jax made her long-awaited return to the company after a hiatus since the Royal Rumble. However, her comeback was far from a warm welcome, as she immediately attacked Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez, leaving them injured and questioning the severity of their injuries. WWE has now confirmed the extent of their injuries and Jax’s dominant position within the company.

During a championship match, Jax targeted Raquel Rodriguez, taking her out of the competition. But her rampage didn’t stop there. After the match, Jax attacked an unsuspecting Rhea Ripley, who believed that Jax would only direct her frustrations towards Rodriguez.

On the recent episode of WWE RAW, the company officially confirmed that Jax had not only injured one star, but both Ripley and Rodriguez. Ripley’s injuries were described as “bruised ribs,” while Rodriguez suffered from whiplash due to Jax’s attack. The severity of their injuries signifies the intensity of Jax’s return.

The incident has also gained attention beyond the WWE universe. Stevie Richards, a WWE veteran, even took to YouTube to analyze the attack and pointed out where Jax may have crossed the line and potentially endangered the Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley.

While it remains uncertain what Jax’s next move will be, one thing is clear—she will not be contained to the sidelines on WWE RAW. Her dominant return and the impact she has made on Ripley and Rodriguez indicate that she will play a significant role in the future of the company.

Fans and followers of WWE have been buzzing about Jax’s comeback. Many are excited to see her back in action and curious about what her next move will be. Social media platforms have been flooded with discussions and speculations regarding Jax’s future in the ring.

The return of Nia Jax to WWE RAW comes at a time when the women’s division is experiencing new heights in popularity and recognition. With superstars like Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez leading the way, the division has garnered attention and praise for their impressive performances. Jax’s attack on these two stars adds an exciting layer to the ongoing storyline of the women’s division.

Some fans have expressed concerns about Jax’s techniques and the potential for injuries during her matches. The recent incident with Ripley and Rodriguez has only amplified these worries. It raises questions about the safety precautions and guidelines that the WWE has in place for its wrestlers, especially when executing high-risk moves.

However, wrestling has always been known for its physicality and risks, and injuries are an unfortunate part of the sport. Wrestlers train rigorously and understand the potential dangers they face in the ring. It is essential for the WWE and its performers to prioritize safety and ensure that all necessary measures are taken to minimize these risks.

As for Nia Jax, her return has undoubtedly made an impact, both in terms of storyline and real-life injuries. Fans eagerly await her next move and wonder if she will face any consequences for her actions. It will be interesting to see how WWE addresses Jax’s attack and how it affects the ongoing narrative of the women’s division.

In the meantime, Ripley and Rodriguez will have to recover from their injuries and prepare for their next challenges. The setbacks they face due to Jax’s assault will undoubtedly fuel their determination to bounce back stronger.

The WWE universe is a buzz with excitement and anticipation as Nia Jax’s return continues to make waves. The company will have to carefully navigate the aftermath of her attack and ensure the safety of its performers moving forward.

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