Noah Cyrus Releases Heartfelt Birthday Message for Mom Tish Cyrus Amid Speculation of Drama with Dominic Purcell

Noah Cyrus Shows Love for Mom Amid Rumored Family Rift

It seems that not all is well in paradise for the Cyrus family, as ongoing rumors suggest a strained relationship between Noah Cyrus and her mother, Tish Cyrus. However, amidst the drama, Noah took to social media to shower her mom with love and appreciation.

The “All Falls Down” singer took to her Instagram Story to share multiple throwback pictures of her and Tish, highlighting the bond between mother and daughter. One photo showed Tish holding a baby Noah, while another featured Tish holding a birthday cake surrounded by candles, with a young Noah by her side.

“Happy birthday mom,” Noah captioned one of the images, as she celebrated Tish’s 57th birthday on Monday. While Tish did not repost any of Noah’s messages, she did share other birthday wishes on her own account.

These heartfelt gestures from Noah come in the midst of alleged drama surrounding the family. Speculation has been circulating about the nature of the relationship between Noah and actor Dominic Purcell, who is rumored to have had a romantic past with Noah before Tish married him.

Tish and Purcell tied the knot in August 2023, with Tish’s daughters Brandi and Miley by their side. However, notable absences from the wedding were Noah and her brother, Braison. Sources have indicated that Noah and Tish have not been as close since Tish started dating Purcell, leading to tensions within the family.

In April, a source revealed that while reports of Noah and Purcell’s history may have been exaggerated, the relationship dynamics within the family have been strained. Tish’s decision not to invite Noah to her wedding was reportedly to avoid drama and potential conflicts.

Another source shared that Noah had stopped seeing Purcell before Tish pursued a relationship with him, and Tish did not inform Noah of her intentions. This lack of communication and transparency has seemingly contributed to the rift between mother and daughter.

Despite the rumors swirling around them, neither Tish nor Dominic has publicly addressed the situation or provided insight into their relationships with Noah. However, Noah recently responded to a comment referencing her and her mom’s involvement with the same man in a controversial manner.

Noah’s engagement to fashion designer Pinkus adds another layer of complexity to the family dynamics, as they navigate through the challenges and tensions within their relationships.

As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen how the Cyrus family will address and resolve the issues that have come to light. The drama continues to unfold, but Noah’s expressions of love for her mom serve as a reminder of the importance of family amidst turbulent times.