Norma Pérez’s Unfortunate Encounter with Subway

Hispanic Woman Finds Live Fly in Subway Meal

Norma Pérez, a Hispanic woman, had a shocking experience at a Subway restaurant in Miami, Florida. She found an insect inside the sandwich she had ordered through a food delivery app.

“Oh my God! Look, it’s right there. I don’t even know what the hell it is. Are they trying to poison someone?” exclaimed Norma Pérez.

To document her experience, she used her phone and kitchen scissors to investigate what she almost consumed. Inside the bread, she discovered the insect.

Norma Pérez slowly started uncovering the vegetables in her sandwich. “Whatever I was about to eat is in the middle of my sandwich,” she explained as she probed inside the bread with the tip of the scissors.

“I see something creepy behind. It’s black,” the woman exclaimed seconds before the black insect with wings appeared behind the dressing.

This incident happened on Friday, March 29, at Norma Pérez’s home after she ordered food from the Subway store located in Miami.

Norma Pérez shared her experience on social media, expressing her disgust and disappointment. She mentioned that she had never had a bad experience at Subway before this incident.

Despite receiving some negative comments and accusations of lying on social media, Norma Pérez stood by her story and emphasized that she had no reason to fabricate such a situation.

Subway responded to Norma Pérez’s complaint via email, thanking her for sharing her perspective and apologizing for the experience that did not meet her expectations. They assured her that they would work on improving their customer service.

Despite Subway’s response, Norma Pérez felt that more should have been done to prevent such incidents from happening and potentially causing harm to customers.

In conclusion, this incident serves as a reminder to always be vigilant about the food we consume and to speak up when faced with unsatisfactory experiences.