North West Criticizes Kim Kardashian’s “Dollar Store” Met Gala Look

Prepare to be astonished by North West’s direct critique.

In an episode of The Kardashians on November 23, Kim Kardashian acknowledged her 10-year-old daughter’s burgeoning role as the fashion police, likening her to the new Joan Rivers.

Kim confessed, “All North wants to do is rate people’s outfits. She loves to critique.”

This was evident at the 2023 Met Gala when North candidly disapproved of Kim’s pearl dress during a fitting with Schiaparelli’s creative director, Daniel Roseberry.

“She has too many gaps in the pearls,” North remarked. “It looks as if she’s a Hawaiian girl with her dress all torn.”

Challenged on the authenticity of the pearls, Kim clarified, “No, no, I think you’re mistaken. These are very expensive, genuine pearls. You might need a lesson on pearls. We’re aiming for vintage, authentic pearly girly, not a flapper girl look.”

North, aspiring to own SKIMS and her father’s Yeezy fashion label, felt the dress appeared too “beachy,” fearing the diamond accessories would “spoil” the outfit.

Expressing her opinion, North stated, “I like the pearls. I just don’t like how it appears, you know, like it’s from a Dollar Store.”

The feedback hit Schiaparelli’s creative director hard. Daniel lamented, “This is my worst nightmare realized. It feels like I’m being pranked. The night before the Met, being criticized so bluntly.”

(For what it’s worth, North didn’t just criticize Kim’s Schiaparelli attire; she also disapproved of Kim’s Balenciaga outfit from the 2021 Met Gala, remarking, “It seems like you’re being covered by a plastic bag and suffocating.”)

Kim wasn’t anticipating such critical feedback from her budding fashionista daughter. She pleaded, “I value your opinion; please go easy on me today.” North responded, “I won’t lie, but I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to.”

During the main event, North didn’t hold back while watching the red carpet on TV, offering her candid fashion commentary with popcorn in hand.

“She looks nice,” North commented about Yung Miami. “But—stop copying my mom with those pearls!”

Regarding mom’s ex, Pete Davidson? “You’re at the Met Gala, Pete,” she quipped, “not the gas station.”

However, the ultimate “cringe” designation was saved for Jared Leto, who arrived in a cat costume inspired by designer Karl Lagerfeld’s adored feline Choupette.

Yet, there were stars who earned North’s approval: Kardashian family friends Paris Hilton and La La Anthony, along with her aunts Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner.

“I don’t take being roasted by a 10-year-old seriously,” Kim admitted. “So, I don’t let it bother me much. But it does sting a bit.”

Just like North West, grab your popcorn and witness the stars at the 2023 Met Gala.

Kylie Jenner

In Jean Paul Gaultier

Gigi Hadid

In Givenchy

Cardi B

In Thom Browne

Kim Kardashian

In Schiaparelli