Nude Photo of Oscar de la Hoya Sparks Controversy on Social Media

Oscar de la Hoya, former champion and promoter of Golden Boy Promotions, has once again sparked controversy on social media. A recent post showed Oscar de la Hoya naked, which garnered various negative reactions from his followers who criticized the image. This incident has sparked online debate about the privacy and behavior of public figures on digital platforms.

In a post on his official Instagram account, De la Hoya shared an image of himself behind an ironing board, holding an iron that fully covered his private parts. In the photo, the former boxer’s good physical form is clear. The post has generated numerous reactions among his followers, who praise his athletic appearance and sense of humor. De la Hoya is showing a more relaxed and fun side, generating a closer connection with his audience on social media.

The message “Coming soon reality show” accompanies the viral video-image, but it was not well received by his followers, who criticized it once again. The negative reaction from followers highlights a potential lack of interest in this new project from the audience. The virality of the content suggests wide distribution on social media, increasing the reach of the criticisms. This poses challenges for the promotion of the reality show and suggests the need for a more solid marketing strategy to improve its reception among the target audience.

Fans previously judged Oscar de la Hoya, 51, for posting another photo. In it, he was seen taking a bath in a tub, with his face soapy and his girlfriend Holly Sonders completely covering his private area. The image provoked a mixed reaction among his followers, some expressing discomfort while others received it with humor. This situation demonstrates the boxer’s ability to generate controversy on social media and maintain the attention of his audience.

In addition to the controversial photos on social media, the “Golden Boy’s” relationship with his star boxer, Ryan García, has also attracted public attention. Both have exchanged strong messages, resulting in criticism towards the Golden Boy. As a result, the latter has filed a lawsuit to ensure that “King Ry” fulfills the contract he has with his promoter. This dispute has generated a considerable stir in the world of boxing and has highlighted significant tensions in the relationship between the coach and the boxer.

The strong criticisms he has received include comments such as “Old man, you are too old to be doing these things…. Disappointing from life, but keep it private,” and “Your behavior is shameful. You should behave better than this,” among others.

The controversial behavior of Oscar de la Hoya on social media and the tensions within his relationship with Ryan García have brought significant attention to the former champion and promoter. This ongoing controversy raises important questions about the conduct of public figures on digital platforms and the impact of their actions on their public image.