O.J. Simpson passes away, Bianca Censori and Shohei Ohtani make headlines

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It’s almost the weekend, but another busy day of big news hit Thursday, and TMZ was there to cover it all. From breaking stories to celebrity gossip, TMZ Live and TMZ on TV bring the latest updates to viewers worldwide.

TMZ Live

On “TMZ Live,” hosts Charles and Jason break down the shocking news of O.J. Simpson’s death. The hosts delve into the life of the incredibly polarizing public figure, discussing his impact on society and his legacy.


In the latest episode of “TMZ on TV,” the crew takes a look at Bianca Censori’s newest outfit. They compare her style to previous looks worn by Kim Kardashian when she was still with Kanye West. The fashion segment provides viewers with insight into the latest trends and celebrity fashion choices.

TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports covers the federal charges filed against Ippei Mizuhara, who allegedly stole $16 million from Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani. The sports department provides in-depth analysis of the case, discussing the implications for the sports industry and the players involved.

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