Olivia Bowen Slams Trolls Who Criticize Her for Posting Underwear Pictures After Becoming a Mom

Love Island star Olivia Bowen has spoken out against online trolls who criticize her for posting pictures in underwear after she became a mother. Bowen, who met her husband Alex Bowen on the popular ITV2 show, welcomed her son Abel last year. She has been open about the challenges she faced during her first year of motherhood, including her struggles with mental health. Olivia revealed that online mom-shaming only adds to these challenges, making her journey as a mother even more difficult. She also noted a change in attitudes towards her since becoming a parent.

Olivia shared her frustration about trolls who now claim she shouldn’t post underwear pictures on social media because she is a mom, despite being fine with it before. In an interview with The Mirror, she expressed her disagreement with society’s expectation for women to choose between being sexy and being mothers. She said, “People don’t want women to be sexy and mothers at the same time; they want them to be either one or the other. That doesn’t sit well with me. I believe that women have the right to feel however they want, regardless of whether they are mothers or not. Motherhood is not the entirety of who you are; you are also an individual.”

Olivia emphasized that women should have the freedom to be confident and sexy if they choose to. She expressed her frustration with the narrow-minded perspective of some people, who approved of her posting underwear pictures before motherhood but criticized her after she became a mom. Olivia found this shift in opinion senseless and attributed it to people’s shallow judgments.

In the past, negative comments used to affect Olivia deeply, and she felt the need to prove herself to others. However, since becoming a mom, she has learned to prioritize her time and energy. Olivia stated, “I used to get really caught up in negative comments and cared about what people thought of me. I always wanted to prove people wrong or argue back. But now, as a mother, I don’t have the time, and it’s just not that important. If someone doesn’t know you, then they don’t know you well enough to form an opinion about you. That realization has helped me deal with it; it’s not that deep!”