Osmel Sousa Mourns the Death of Gustavo Cisneros

The global fashion and beauty industry is in mourning following the unexpected passing of renowned telecommunications entrepreneur Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles.

This event has particularly shaken Osmel Sousa, the iconic fashion designer and beauty expert known for his pivotal role in beauty pageants such as Miss Venezuela.

Sousa, also known as “The Beauty Tsar,” expressed his pain and sadness through an emotional message posted on his official Instagram account.

In his words, he highlighted the loss of a close friend and exceptional businessman who had significantly impacted his life.

“With great sadness, I received the news of the death of my friend of many years, Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles,” wrote the renowned designer on Instagram.

“Gustavo gave me the great opportunity to lead Miss Venezuela, and from him, I received all the support that allowed me to make the pageant a major event,” he added.

The relationship between Osmel Sousa and Gustavo Cisneros transcended professional boundaries, blossoming into a strong and enduring friendship.

The impact of Cisneros’ passing has left a significant void in the heart of Sousa and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Gustavo Cisneros’ legacy in the telecommunications industry is undeniable, but his influence and generosity also extended to other areas, such as the world of beauty pageants.

His support and trust in Osmel Sousa to lead Miss Venezuela were instrumental in the consolidation and success of the pageant, making it an international benchmark.

In a gesture of solidarity and condolences to the Cisneros family, Osmel Sousa dedicated some supportive words.

“My warm embrace in this sad hour to his wife Patty; to his children Guillermo, Carolina, and Adriana; to his grandchildren and other family members,” he wrote.

The news of Gustavo Cisneros’ death has generated a wave of supportive messages and heartfelt memories from prominent figures in various fields.

They highlight his legacy as a visionary in business and an exceptional human being.

Cisneros’ death at the age of 78 was confirmed by companies belonging to the Cisneros group, according to CNN.

In addition to Osmel Sousa, social media and media outlets have been filled with condolences and messages honoring Cisneros’ influential figure in the business and social spheres.

Venevision, the Venezuelan television channel, issued an official statement expressing their sorrow: “Venevision informs with deep regret the passing of the Chairman of the Board of Cisneros, Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles, an exceptional leader who transcended the business world.”

These words emphasize the importance of Cisneros not only as a successful entrepreneur but also as a leader who left a profound mark on the entertainment industry’s history.

The history of the Cisneros group dates back to 1929 when it was founded by Diego Cisneros, Gustavo Cisneros’ father.

Over more than 90 years, the Cisneros corporation has maintained global operations in various sectors, including digital advertising, media, and entertainment.

Gustavo Cisneros’ diversification and strategic vision significantly contributed to the group’s success and expansion, establishing it as a reference in the Latin American business scene.

In these moments of mourning, social media is awash with messages remembering the achievements and personality of Gustavo Cisneros.