PA Democratic Representative Kevin Boyle was filmed threatening to close down a bar, saying “Do you know who I am?”

Pennsylvania State Rep. Threatens to Shut Down Local Business

Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle (D) was caught on video appearing to be heavily intoxicated and engaging in a verbal altercation with patrons and staff at a bar in Montgomery County. The incident reportedly took place late last week at Gaul & Co. Malt House in Rockledge, Pennsylvania.

According to reports, Boyle was thrown out of the bar after an incident that involved him playing the “do you know who I am” card with employees. In the video, the Democrat can be heard shouting, “I can f***ing end this bar by the way, I’d f***ing end this bar if I wanted to,” and calling the staff members “idiots,” “traitors,” and “morons.”

In one part of the video, Boyle also accused the bartenders of being military agents and suggested that he could stop them from getting promotions in the armed forces. As he continued to cause a scene, Boyle left the establishment, shouting, “This bar is done, do you know who the f*** I am?”

The incident was caught on video and was shared on social media, where it quickly garnered attention and sparked outrage. A tweet from PhillyCrimeUpdate shared the video and alleged that Boyle was seen in a “drunk tirade” where he threatened to use his political power to shut down the local business. The tweet also mentioned that Boyle accused the bartenders of being military agents.

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The video showed Boyle being involved in a drunken altercation at the bar, and even threatening staff and causing a scene. Reports indicate that the bouncer at the bar had to call 911 when Boyle began threatening to hit female staff members. At one point in the video, Boyle seemed to have a brief moment of clarity and wanted to make sure he pays his bill before leaving. Additionally, the video revealed that Boyle has a connection to United States Representative Brendan Boyle, who is also a Democrat.

What’s Worse?

In the midst of the incident, police were called, and the responding officer informed Boyle that he was banned from returning to the bar. Democratic leaders of the Pennsylvania House issued a statement in response to the matter, expressing concern about the incident and acknowledging Boyle’s personal challenges.

According to the statement, “We are aware of a video circulating on social media. It is very troubling. Rep. Boyle has been open about his personal challenges. We are encouraged that our colleague and dear friend is seeking help. Our commitment to delivering mental health services does not stop at the Capitol Steps. One of the main reasons we advocate so strongly for mental health access is the reality that challenges can and do happen to anyone, and seeking treatment should be encouraged, not stigmatized.”

The statement raises questions about whether similar support and understanding would be offered to a Republican state Representative in the same situation as Boyle. Notably, Boyle was involved in legislation expanding access to mental health medications just last summer.

Comparing the Incident to Andrew Cuomo’s Actions

Some commentators have drawn comparisons between Boyle’s actions and those of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was involved in a controversy where he made threats to bars and restaurants regarding their liquor licenses due to violations of social distancing protocols. Despite the difference in circumstances, the comparison raises questions about how the political establishment chooses to address and respond to different situations involving elected officials.

The incident involving Boyle at the bar has sparked conversations about accountability and responsibility for elected officials in terms of conduct and personal challenges. The statement from Democratic leaders highlights the importance of mental health access and seeking treatment when facing personal challenges and issues.

In the aftermath of the incident, Boyle has not publicly addressed the situation or provided a statement. The video and the subsequent reaction from the public and political leaders underscore the impact of elected officials’ conduct and the scrutiny they face in the public sphere.

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