Pete Davidson Performs Parody of Barbie’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ Song While Hosting SNL

Pete Davidson, former SNL cast member, steals the show with a side-splitting parody of Barbie’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ on the SNL season 49 premiere. A must-watch entertainment moment!

Pete Davidson’s Hilarious Barbie Parody on SNL Season Premiere

Pete Davidson, a former Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member, created an unforgettable moment when he hosted the season 49 premiere of SNL. The 29-year-old comedian performed a song titled “I’m Just Pete,” which was a parody of Barbie’s “I’m Just Ken,” originally sung by Ryan Gosling in the role of Ken.

In the episode, Pete Davidson appeared with Ken-like blond hair and wore a teal shirt and pink pants, creating a hilarious scene. The sketch began when Pete, in his character’s sad state, overheard his SNL colleagues, Andrew Dismukes and Punkie Johnson, making jokes about him in the office.

They asked, “Why is he hosting? He just left, and it’s not like his show was a hit,” referring to Pete’s show called “Bupkis.” Pete Davidson proceeded to sing his sad song with lyrics like, “No one cares about the work I do, I made a show with Joe Pesci too, and no one watched it except my mom.”

The song also included lyrics referring to other SNL cast members, including Colin Jost. Pete sang humorously, “When I’m high, I do things like call Colin Jost and say, ‘Hey, we should buy a boat.’ They say I have butthole eyes, but I never sleep alone at night.”

At the peak of his performance, Pete Davidson was joined by backup dancers in the song. They delivered a catchy chorus that captured the audience’s attention with lyrics like, “I’m just Pete, to anyone else, I’d be a three, but it seems I attract men in the comedy world because it’s an unattractive industry.”

Additionally, Pete Davidson playfully poked fun at his romantic history with Kim Kardashian and the drama involving Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, in the lyrics. “I’m just Pete, looking like a meth addict on the street, people online still call me Skete because of someone whose name I can’t legally mention.” At that moment, Kanye West’s face appeared on the screen.

After his captivating Ken-like performance, Pete Davidson was seen attending an afterparty with his girlfriend, Madelyn Cline. The SNL musical guest, Ice Spice, was also in attendance, along with the new couple, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, who made surprise appearances on the show.

Pete Davidson’s performance not only entertained the audience but also showcased his creative talents in the ever-evolving world of entertainment.