Peter Brock’s HDT VK SS Group A, valued at $1 million, will be going up for auction once more.

The iconic 1985 Holden VK Commodore SS HDT Group A, famously known as the ‘Blue Meanie,’ has made a remarkable comeback in the market with a rich history attached to it. This particular model, which belonged to the late racing legend Peter Brock, broke records as one of the most expensive Australian road cars ever sold. Originally sold in May 2021 for a whopping 1.14 million dollars by Gray Auctions, the vehicle is now up for grabs on the online auction platform, Collect cars.

With only 79,724 kilometers on the odometer, this HDT Group A special has traveled just 2,185 kilometers in less than three years. Designed by Brock as a homologation special for racing, the car is equipped with a powerful 4.9-litre V8 engine that delivers 196kW to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission and limited-slip differential. To put its performance into perspective, consider that a Ferrari 400i from the same year produced just 32kW more from its fuel-injected 4.8-litre V12 engine.

The vehicle is finished in the iconic Formula Blue paint and features 16-inch white alloy wheels. Inside, it boasts Scheel front sports seats, a leather Momo steering wheel, a glovebox badge, and a radio cassette with Peter Brock’s branding. Accompanying the car is a letter of authenticity on HDT letterhead signed by Brock’s former teammate, the late John Harvey, as well as a comprehensive folder of invoices and paperwork documenting the vehicle’s history.

At the time of writing, bidding for the HDT Group A stood at just over $300,000, with the auction scheduled to end on Thursday, April 11, 2024, at 4:30 p.m. Interested bidders can visit the Collect cars website to view the auction lot by clicking here.

The resurgence of Peter Brock’s iconic HDT VK SS Group A highlights the enduring legacy of Australian motorsport and the timeless appeal of classic performance cars. The auction of this legendary vehicle presents a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of automotive history.